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Pulling A Stunt In Poker

Jul 19, 2008
When trying to win a poker tournament, almost all pros will tell you, you need to win hands when you don't have the cards. When you pull this off you are "making a move" in poker terms. Let's take a look at some of the ways a player does this.

The types of moves range from simply stealing the blinds, to complex bluffs. We will be looking at examples where we probably, or definitely, don't have the best hand. In these hands, we will try to convince our opponents to fold.

Stealing the blinds is picking a spot to make a raise with the hope of all remaining players folding. This can be done from any position as long as you are the first to act. When you are a short stack this is usually an all in bet. As a big stack, this can raise will vary to match the situation of the remaining players stacks, and their tendencies.

One of the most powerful plays in poker is the check raise. You are in the big blind and call a raise from the button. You miss the flop completely.

You check your hand and your opponent bets the pot. Now you pause for a moment, and re-raise. This bluff will usually get a fold right here. If he doesn't fold, you will fold to any other betting.

Another play is called the semi bluff. You look down to see KQ of hearts. You call a raise from an early position.

The flop shows J74 with two hearts. When your opponent raises you have to decide how to play this. I think here you can go all in, and put your opponent to the test.

If he folds your bluff has worked. If you get called, you have outs. Any heart gives you flush. This is what a semi-bluff looks like.

The post oak bluff is quite different. You have been calling some moderate raises with a speculative hand. When the last card hits you know your only chance to win is to get a fold.

In this situation you make a small raise. This bet looks like you want to get called. If you try this play you need your opponent understands that this small bet represents a big hand that wants a call.

There are a lot of other bluffs out there. You need to make moves like these, and others, if you want to win tournaments. You have to be able to make chips without the cards sometimes.
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