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Why Choose 3M Adhesive Tapes

Jul 19, 2008
There are numerous different kinds of 3M adhesive tapes that can be purchased today. All have been specifically designed and developed to ensure that they provide the user with reliable performance each type they are used in any particular situation. In fact you will soon find that there is a 3M adhesive tape available which will meet your particular requirements perfectly.

The company has been involved in adhesion technology development and design for more than 50 years and are in fact a well known brand around the world today. Each of the adhesive tapes that 3M produce are designed for use in a specific way. Some are designed to help bond items together, whilst others can be used to mask, protect or shield something. Then there are those adhesive tapes which can help to seal a space or hole or for damping or splicing.

In this article below we look at a few of the kinds of adhesive tape that 3M have not only developed but which they now produce. Along with being very adherent, some of the tapes now available are able to cope with temperatures that are very high or very low.

1. VHB Tape - This is a tape designed for bonding plastic, glass or metal to each other and since its arrival has proven to be extremely reliable. No longer when you are a fixing an item to another will you need to worry about drilling or having the fasteners protruding so a much cleaner and professional look can be achieved.

2. Adhesive Transfer Tape - May also be known as double sided tape as both sides of it come with an adhesive surface, same as the VHB tape does. This however also comes with a liner on one side that helps to protect the exposed side of the tape from the elements and needs to be removed when ready to adhere two surfaces together. Ideal for use in bonding materials of a light weight nature, such as paper and plastic together.

3. Specialty Masking Tape - This is ideal for using with printed circuit boards, chemical baths and in photographic processes. So the tape is actually able to adhere to the surface without being affected by the chemicals or metals which it comes into contact with.

4. Metal Foil Tape - This adhesive tape from 3M comes either as aluminum, reinforced aluminum or lead backed. But although they do have metal on their surface they are still soft and very pliable and come with a silicone adhesive. It is this silicone adhesive which allows them to be used at extremely high temperatures and still not lose any of their adhesive qualities.

All the 3M adhesive tapes which we have mentioned in this article are extremely easy and quick to apply. However, in order for them to be truly effective the surface to which they are going to be adhered to needs to be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Using a solution of water or cleaning product is perfect to help remove all dust and debris from the surface. Plus it is essential that before you apply the products that you ensure that the surface is completely dry.
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RW Greeff supply a range of 3M Adhesive Tapes which are for commercial as well as domestic use. They are a UK supplier of a range of commercial consumables including masking tapes, commercial adhesives, abrasives and health and safety equipment.
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