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Getting Website Traffic with Orkut

Jul 19, 2008
Google decided to enter the social networking scene through its relatively new site, Orkut. With a premise similar to Myspace or Facebook, Orkut's main goal is to connect people. The venues for this connection are the thousands of communities available in the Orkut network. Through these communities, members exchange forum messages. They can also get to know an individual member by adding them to their "Friends" list and/or viewing their profile.

For webmasters, such a setup is a godsend for driving traffic to their site. How is this so? Well, Orkut, like other social networking sites allows for a more personal type of marketing. You can make friends with dozens maybe even hundreds of people before actually selling to them. This is very helpful, because you establish trust with your buyers. And trust is an essential element when it comes to an individual making a purchasing decision.

Yet, it will take some time to get things to this level. Don't take the 'shortcut' route and spam Orkut's communities. Many so-called Internet marketers are doing this, and it sullies their reputation. Indeed, you don't want to tarnish your Orkut presence for the hope of a couple of quick hits. Instead, opt to do things properly. It may take longer, but the reward will be much greater.

With that being said, how do you do things the 'right' way on Orkut? Well, first fill out your profile. Try to incorporate personal elements, so it doesn't appear that your sole purpose is to sell something. For example, you could give a biography or share a home video. After that, you can go on and include a video or two showcasing what you're selling. You can also incorporate all of your websites' URLs. In fact, you can even include affiliate links if you do not have an official domain name.

Now that your profile is created, you are ready to join some of Orkut's communities. It is best if you can join some that best fit what you are trying to market. But keep in mind other factors too, such as how many members are a part of the community and whether or not the forum is bringing in legitimate discussion. This is particularly important since unfortunately a lot of Orkut's communities are full of spam.

Once you have found the communities you want to participate in, join in the discussions. Make sure you post worthwhile messages. You can also post your own forum topics. After awhile you will be seen as a contributing member. So, there will be less apprehension when you do feature your website. But even still, don't make this post seem like an ad. Write it in the form of an article, so readers are getting something in return for being 'advertised' at.

Additionally, don't forget to make as many 'Friends' as you can, as this is how you can establish a more personal network of potential buyers. But make sure that this is all done within the communities you are participating in. Otherwise, your friendship may get rejected, since the member may see you as a stranger.
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