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Health and Wellness Opportunity Review: GeneWize Life Science

Jul 19, 2008
GeneWize Life Sciences is a new mlm company that is preparing to revitalize the health, beauty and wellness industry. It is one of the first companies to offer with nutrition supplements and skincare products based on DNA testing and personalized to the consumers' actual genes! Though the company is not set to officially launch until August 1, 2008, news of its innovative concept is already making waves in the industry. At this time, GeneWize is seeking experienced network marketers to help build their network.

GeneWize's parent company, GeneLink, is a publicly traded biosciences corporation that is a part of a $100 billion dollar healthcare, nutrition supplement and cosmetic industry. (OTCBB:GNLK)

The focus of GeneWize's parent company has long been genetic testing for the early detection of diseases. Working on its team are leading researchers and scientists in biotechnology, molecular biology, genomics, chemistry, medicine and nutritional sciences. Since 1997, these scientists have been patenting the unique processes that have lead to the GeneWize product lines. GeneLink released similar products to healthcare professionals in 2004, and tens of thousands have used them.

Now, GeneLink prepares to launch GeneWize to help millions more achieve health and wellness through DNA-based assessments and products. The goal of GeneWize is "to help people achieve their best possible health futures: to help them look better, feel better, and live longer, healthier lives."

Both of GeneWize's product lines, the LifeMap Nutrition System and the Dermagenetics Skin Care System, use genetic testing to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (pronounced "snips") in DNA. That may sound complicated or scary, but really it is only a simple saliva test that maps out the deficiencies in your genes. Based on that mapping, specialized ingredients are blended into individual nutrition or skincare products to help meet the needs specific to your genetic makeup. With 98 ingredients and over 177,000 possible combinations, GeneWize can offer the perfect fit to help you look and feel better!

At the basis of the GeneWize distributor opportunity is the referral and discount program, "Enroll Four and Pay No More". Discounts double up to the fourth new customer enrolled, at which point, product becomes free for the team builder. Some of the bonuses available to GeneWize team builders are:

1. 25% Direct Commission on NEW customers and affiliates buying product

2. 10-20% Two Team Sales Bonus when you build two sales teams

3. 10-40% Matching Income Bonus on the affiliates you enroll up to 4 levels

4. Quarterly Production Bonuses and Incentive Trips

The launch of a new company this innovative is a rare occasion for network marketers. It looks like GeneWize is going to be a lucrative opportunity for anyone considering becoming a network marketer, or for experienced network marketers looking to make change or an addition to their business. The timing is to their advantage. Those who join now can among the very first to introduce a revolutionary system of nutrition and skin care to a ready and waiting market. Americans are serious about health and well-being like never before. They're spending billions of dollars on it! Furthermore, 'genetics' is the buzzword everyone is curious about. You can be the one in the know. Undoubtedly, GeneWize is going to be a great opportunity for both the buyer and the seller.
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