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Legitimate Work at Home Job: Earn Money without Going Bankrupt!

Jul 19, 2008
One of the best ways to solidify yourself as a legitimate work at home job is to offer your prospects a guarantee. You establish credibility as well as ease their mind when it comes to following through on their purchase. But most people are reluctant to offer guarantees and I dont blame them.

Assuming all risks is great for prospects, but what if all your customers ask for their money back? You can kiss your business goodbye thats what.

How do you establish yourself as a legitimate work at home job by offering a guarantee without putting your business in jeopardy? Consider the following:

It helps to know that a good portion of people dont call in guarantees. They figure youve put yourself on the line, so by making this purchase or signing up for this offer theyve joined your team.

No one wants to admit to making a mistake, especially when they consider themselves a team player, thus something has to go terribly wrong before people will call in a guarantee.

However, hanging onto this bit of information wont help to establish your legitimate work at home job because at some point someone is going to call in the guarantee.

Understanding the types of guarantees available will help to minimize the damage on your business.

Unconditional guarantee: An unconditional guarantee means that the prospect can ask for a refund for any reason. These types of guarantees should only be applied to products.

Unconditional guarantees work for physical products such as books because you assume little risk. For starters you merely shipped the product out. Even if you created it, once the product is in the hands of the customer, they now assume responsibility on whether or not it works.

Because they have to be the one to use the product, they are ones who can decide whether or not it worked. You are still operating a legitimate work at home job because no matter what you have to follow through on your guarantee but because many people feel more confident purchasing products from sites that offer an unconditional guarantee you also establish creditability without losing too much money, as most people will not pay the postage fee to send the product back.

Conditional guarantee: A conditional guarantee means that if the customer does not follow through on their half of the deal they will not see results, thus its not your fault if their unsuccessful.

These types of guarantees should be applied to situations where your presence or impute is required such as classes or one-on-one situations. Those who operate a work at home job where they supply a service should consider this type of guarantee.

In order for you to operate a legitimate work at home job with this guarantee and not get busted for fraud you have to clearly state when someone wouldnt get the guarantee.

For instance, if they miss 4 classes their guarantee is no longer applicable, or perhaps if you can prove that they sabotaged their own success.

Second you must get the prospect to read the guarantee. This means it must be in a location the person can see and it must be written in a way that will entice them to read it. For instance instead of say 100% money back guarantee, you can say 89% money back guarantee. Your prospects will wonder what that means and read your claim.

Offering a legitimate work at home guarantee is one of the best ways to gain credibility and, as a result, more sales.
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