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Business Custom T-Shirts: How to Promote Sales

Jul 19, 2008
The economy is not at its best right now, and businesses are feeling the pinch. Small business owners are always looking for ways to increase sales. Custom T-shirts can be used in many ways to bring in customers and encourage them to buy.

One way to promote sales is to give away custom T-shirts with every purchase of a certain dollar amount. For example, you might have a deal that anyone who buys $100 worth of merchandise gets a free shirt. If you do not make the amount too high, the custom T-shirt might influence their decision to buy. This is especially true if you have created an interesting and unusual shirt.

Small stores often like to use punch card promotions to acquire regular customers. People come into the store and get a punch on their card each time they spend a certain amount of money. Another choice is to send out a circular with a featured product. Everyone who buys that product will get a punch on their card. Prizes like custom T-shirts will be available to people who get enough punches.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to have a drawing for custom T-shirts and other prizes. It is important, though, to make sure you understand the rules about drawings in your state. Usually, you will be alright if you do not charge for people to enter the drawing and you give away the promised prizes. You might be able to let customers put in an entry every time they visit the store. As an incentive, you can display the custom T-shirts you plan to give away on the big day.

You can get customers into the store for a big sale by offering a shirt to the first people who show up on that day. People love to get free things and will often come in early to get a chance to get something. If someone else will miss out on it later, some people like it even better. If you give custom T-shirts to the first 50 people, you might get many more people coming out for the sale that would not have come otherwise. Once they have tried for their custom T-shirts, people may browse your store and even buy.

If you can come up with a clever and attractive design for your custom T-shirts, people will want to buy them to wear. You have them printed with your company name and contact information on them as a part of an interesting design. Then you can sell them at cost. People will see the shirt as a cost effective casual clothing choice. The best part for you is that you will have advertising that is ultimately paid for by the customer.

Small business owners who are wise will use every means at their disposal to make the sales they need to prosper. It always helps to be creative in your sales programs. Custom T-shirts are a good way to bring in the business.
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