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Promotional Custom T-Shirts: How to Create a Buzz

Jul 19, 2008
Custom T-shirts can be useful for promoting people, ideas, or events. A shirt can not only display any of these things; it can also get people talking about them. It only takes a little time to figure out the best way to use the shirts to create a buzz.

You may want to promote just about anything. If you are in a band, you may want to get people out to hear you the next time you play. You could use custom T-shirts to bring people into the club. If you are supporting a local politician, you can use a shirt to get their name into the public eye.

Your school or local children's sports team may be headed for a championship in another city. By selling custom T-shirts, you can make people aware of the event. The more people that know, the more people might come to cheer on your team. Even a store grand opening is an event that can be promoted with custom T-shirts.

The key to a good response is to make the custom T-shirts unique and desirable. By naming and dating the event, they become a collector's item. Get them in colors that are appropriate to the subject. Put unusual images and snappy sayings on them. Leave a little to the imagination. Then people will take notice of the topics of the custom T-shirts and ask questions.

There are several ways you can distribute your custom T-shirts. One way is to get them out to places that people will be walking and mingling. This gives people a chance to talk up the shirt to each other. Outdoor markets or street fairs are good places to go with your merchandise.

You can also make your shirts more sought after if you limit how many people get them. You could give them out in only a few venues. Perhaps you could give away a few on a radio show. The ninth caller gets a shirt if they answer a trivia question about your candidate or band, for instance. You can make the questions easy, yet it brings up the subject for everyone and gets the custom T-shirts out to a select few.

Marketers have long known that colleges are places ripe for new ideas. If your environmental campaign needs a boost, get your custom T-shirts onto a college campus and people will soon be hearing about it. Your political candidate will be discussed. Your band will have a larger audience.

The idea is to get people interested in your people or ideas. Once you have them on the hook, it is up to you to keep them. Your band will have to play well, your candidate will have to have good ideas, and your environmental campaign will have to make a difference in the world. If you are up to the task, you can use custom T-shirts to bring the people to you.
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