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Company Custom T Shirts: How to Increase Team Spirit at Work

Jul 19, 2008
Running a company is somewhat like coaching a team. You want all your employees to thrive as they work together to accomplish goals. You can bring team spirit to their game by giving them company custom T-shirts. Then you can use the shirts to foster good will within the company.

The first thing you will do when choosing the custom T-shirts is to select the shirt itself. Color is very important. Certain colors just look bad on clothing, no matter who is wearing them. It is also a good idea to get a color that both men and women will be happy to wear. For example, few men will agree to wear pink shirts on a regular basis.

Once you have the shirt picked out, you need to add the company logo. If your company is small, you might not have a logo yet. You can design a logo for your company at the same time you are making up the custom T-shirts. If you do not feel competent to draw an appropriate logo, you can hire it done by a professional.

Make sure the company logo is one that will strike a chord with all the employees. A logo that does not make sense to employees does nothing to encourage them in their work. They will be more in tune with the company if they like the logo on the shirt. As they develop a sense of pride in the business, they will begin to look for ways to make the company look better.

A company shirt is more interesting if it has a slogan on it. The slogan should be something that is catchy and memorable. You will also want to avoid any derogatory or otherwise negative language in the text you put on the custom T-shirts. A simple, concise slogan is best. One that is lighthearted and upbeat gives everyone a positive attitude.

Employees will value their company custom T-shirts more if they are associated with good times. Casual days can be set aside when office employees can wear informal clothing, including their special company shirt. The shirts can be worn at company picnics and outings. Any time you expect your employees to have a good time, have them wear their special shirts on that day.

To make employees feel better about being a part of the company, it often helps to include their families. For that reason, you might want to get some extra shirts for the family members of employees. You can make it a part of a big company picnic each year to give out the new company custom T-shirts. When the employees' loved ones feel appreciated, they will be more supportive for their family members to work with the company.

Employees who are happy about an activity in the company will be more productive. They will work together better and provide better goods or services to their clients. When the activity involves getting an attractive custom T-shirt, they will like the way they look and feel. They will truly be a part of the company.
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