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What To Look For When Joining EDC Gold

Jul 19, 2008
A few months ago, when I was trying to help a newbie learn to market. He told me had tried several online business. Including EDC Gold, Reverse Funnel System, Passport To Wealth and Wealth Funnel System. Now my first words to him were, "wow did you waste alot of money." Not that any of these business are bad, they all work, but you just need to know how and why they work. Some many people are quick to yell out scam with any of these. But the sad reality is that they are not scams. The reason people lose money is because they dont know what they are doing. Plain and simple.

Now I get phone calls all the time from people in EDC Gold who joined with another sponsor who will not help them. Even people who joined with the "guru" top earners who claim to be able to teach and show anyone.
Now the reality is that they have to deal with 1000's of people, so you are going to have to get your feet wet if you want to make it online. So this brings up my first point, make sure you are joining someone who not only knows what they are doing, but someone who has the means and time to help you. Now I personally have people on my team who did join with *the current top earner (as of July 2008)* and he just blows them off and says do the training in the back office.

Now they have had to pay me to get the one on one training that they need, because anyone who needs to much help gets pushed away and quits. Now when you keep jumping from one business to the next, your hurting the entire industry, increasing the failure rate that some claim to be around 95% overall. Now I think this is a little skewed because many people will fail at a whole bunch of business. And then that got me thinking, only 5% of people in offline business or careers ever get rich, so why wouldnt it be the same percentage online. Make it what you will... it doesnt matter. Stop jumping from one business to the next hoping one will work.

If you cannot make one work, what makes you think you can make 3 or 4 work? Its not the product, even though all these companies have great products, no one has ever made it big online without knowing how to market. so find someone to teach you how to market. Yes it is that simple, but youre not going to learn overnight, it may take 2 weeks, or even 2 months. That depends on you and your learning curve.

Now the third and most important thing about joining an online business would be making sure the owners are available by phone. This is one thing EDC does offer, where the others hide behind emails. Now if the owners put in this amount of effort, dont you think it might be worth your time to do the same? Emails are so easy to ignore, especially when you fall behind and can do a mass delete.

So when joining and online business like EDC Gold or Reverse funnel System, Passport to Wealth or even an unheard of online business. You need to make sure the person your joining with with help you on the phone when you need it. Make sure you stick with it long enough to learn how to market and earn, before deciding its a scam. And third, find an online business that you can not only contact your sponsor by phone, but also the owners, after all, if nothing else, you just may hit it off with someone powerful who will take you under thier wing to show you first hand how the internet works.
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See how Rick Lim joined EDC Gold under a top earner, got no support, and is now determined to make a difference.
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