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Fight Gas Rape With A Water Car Conversion

Jul 19, 2008
A water-fuelled car is a motor vehicle in which water is the fuel without any other energy output. Hydrogen, from the compound of water, is the fuel in water-fuelled cars. Using the hydrogen for fuel does not make this type of vehicle a steam engine.

A source, such as wood or coal, is burned to heat up the water in a steam engine. The water becomes steam, which then moves the engine after the water has been heated. The water is not the fuel source in this case, the wood or coal is.

Because water is a waste product, it is hard to convert it into fuel. Petrol (gas), wood or coal converts fuel into a substance with less energy. Energy is converted by being released when unstable bonds are converted into stable bonds.

Water is a very stable bond already. Due to its stability, water resists most reactions. For water to be converted into energy, a high-energy compound must be added.

Adding calcium carbide to water makes a fuel called acetylene. In this stance, the fuel is the calcium carbine not the actual water. The only real way to make water a fuel is by electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the separation of the bond of water when a current of power is passed through the water. The energy source is the hydrogen that is taken from the compound of two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen to make the water. It takes a lot of power to separate this very strong bond.

The hydrogen can be converted at an efficiency of 50-70%. However, it takes a battery to break the bonds of water, therefore this is not considered a water-fuelled car but a battery operated one. Because the battery uses so much energy to break the bonds, there is not enough energy to keep the process moving for very long.

The first and second laws of thermodynamics have restricted many inventors in building a proper water fuelled car. Many vehicles that would have been classified as water-fuelled cars, if not for these two laws, have been classified as perpetual motion machines instead. Therefore, a proper and successful water-fuelled car has yet to be invented.

There is an invention that could quite possibly be a true water-fuelled car, in Japan, but it still hasn't received its patent. To be marketed, an invention must receive a patent. Other companies cannot copy an invention if there is a patent.

With the Japanese company trying so hard to get their patent, it is possible that they have finally found a way to use the abundant resource of water for fuel. If this is the case, then the millions around the world who have been hurt by the rise of the price of petrol can breathe a little more easily. In the not so distant future, we will have a cleaner and cheaper way to get around.

This truly wonderful invention has not yet been leaked to other manufacturers. The Japanese are strictly keeping their secret to themselves. Within the next ten years, however, they do believe that they will have it patented.
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We all now realize gas prices are through the roof. Saving on fuel costs is on everyone's mind. People are even converting their cars to a water gas hybrid. You get increased gas mileage, and it's not that expensive. car that runs on water
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