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Discover What Is World Of Warcraft

Jul 19, 2008
World Of Warcraft is an online multi player game which was created by Blizzard Entertainment Ltd. There is 10 million members playing online in a 'Realm' which is a world full of different characters.

There is nothing quite like it anywhere else although many others have tried. They haven't failed, but they can't exactly live up to the standards set by the World of Warcraft.

The World Of Warcraft game was is about 2 teams the Horde and Alliance which were in 2 wars before hand and now building up their cities and making a large army to fight their opposition but, the whole army is away at the war and its up to the online multiplayers to fight for their rights and their life.

The whole aim of the game is unknown as it seems to be never-ending which is very good for the company so they earn more money as the game is growing and growing. You start in a safe area depending on your team The Horde or The Alliance. Horde known as the 'Evil Side' of the game consists of Trolls, Orcs, Tauren, Undead and Blood Elf's, each race has a special skill known as a 'Racial Passive Skill' like with the trolls 'Beserking' which enables you to have more rage and run speed increases.

Alliance consist of Gnomes, Dwarfs, Night Elf's, Draenie, and Human, as the same as the horde they have special racial abilities like with the Gnome's when trapped in a freezing/trap effect they can escape from it.

Also if you decide to go with World of Warcraft and get yourself an account, the character you created for the trial version can still be used. But now that you have a better idea about the game you might want to create a different character, then again you might want to stay with your first World of Warcraft creation.

In World of Warcraft you never run out of things to do since much of the game is structured around questing. Whenever you enter a major new location for the first time, you will feel almost overwhelmed by the number of quests available, which you will be able to clearly spot since quest-giving characters helpfully stand there with a big, noticeable exclamation mark over their heads.

The website for this massive online game is known as an addiction and considered suitable for ages 13+ as the game does involve swearing and fighting. My rating is definately 5Stars if you are looking for a game which gives you a sense of achievement and takes up spare time very easily.
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