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How to Find Clients for an Career in Music and Sound Effects

Jul 19, 2008
Like any creative profession, the worlds of sound and music are intensely competitive and the chances of earning a living small. However, do not let the odds discourage you because again, like any other profession, your success depends on your own intelligent determination. On the upside, there are plenty of clients out there who need a music composer and sound designer to enhance the quality of their video projects. Since paid full-time positions in audio production, music composition, and sound design and few and far between the most effective method for becoming an audio professional is to seek out gigs on your own and not hope that a larger company will bestow some sort of perfect audio job onto you. Also, working independently is more profitable because the client pays you directly and there are no "middle men" between the client and your skills.

Sending resumes out to music houses and recording studios can provide unforeseen opportunities, but there are also many potential paying clients in the world of media that you can find independently. Also, by keeping your gear minimal and mobile such as using a laptop, sofware, and a good set of headphones, you can offer lower rates than massive recording studios with large overheads. As a result, you, as an independent composer and sound designer, have a huge advantage over the larger companies of the past. Proven techniques for finding your own clients and creating the ability to work for yourself in the fields of music composition and audio follow.

1. The most obvious but often most overlooked source for gigs in audio production are family and friends. Often, often asking a good friend who works in media or a relative who happens to do animation can bear great results.

2. A great method for face-to-face networking with professional media producers who hire sound designers and composers is joining any number of professional film and tv organizations that exist throughout the country. Find such an organization and join.

3. Internet listings for music or sound gigs abound. Search for "music composer wanted" or any other similar phrase online and you'll come across a plethora of real opportunities.

4. Join online forums for film production to meet and interact with film producers, directors, and video editors who may post questions regarding audio or music for their video projects.

5. Email companies and people listed in online media professional directories and introduce yourself. This tactic often producers surprisingly positive and enthusiastic responses from media professionals who need and want music and sound for their video productions.

Use the above steps to build a database of companies and people interested in potentially hiring you as a music composer or sound designer. As you build job leads a snowball effect will occur at some point which will propel you into the professional world of audio production free from the constrains of working for someone else.
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