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How Does Big Ticket To Wealth Compare To MLM

Jul 19, 2008
The company Big Ticket To Wealth just opened it's doors officially in January 2008. It's constantly getting rave reviews through out the internet world. When considering the type of business that one wants to get into you always need to look at the risk verses the reward.

What would you rather have? A income that is great or an income where your only getting paid nickels and dimes for every sale that you make. Big Ticket To Wealth gives it's members the opportunity to create wealth online by selling their program directly to others.

With Big Ticket To Wealth you can earn as much as $900 your first sale and every sale. You will never have to pass-up any of your sales with Big Ticket To Wealth. This company also has an industry first which is known as the 100% Matching Override Payment.

The 100% Matching Override simply means when someone on your team makes a sale, you will make the exact same amount as well. When they make $900, then you make $900. You will not find this kind of incentive with MLM programs.

MLM programs typically have three or more levels that you can make money with. Each level will cost you a different amount of money to join, and each level will usually require you to pass up a certain amount of your sales before you can then make money for yourself.

Any MLM business as a whole is simply too complicated compared to the newer online business of today. The reason their complicated is to maximize the profits for the company and not you. Two examples of older MLM companies would be Herbalife and Liberty League.

Big Ticket To Wealth made sure that they would maximize the members pockets before filling theirs. The company's compensation plan is made very simple. The members get paid direct and there are never any break aways or pass-ups. Simply sell the product and get paid directly.

My recommendation would be to further investigate Big Ticket To Wealth. They seem to have all the makings of a great network marketing company. Finding a good network marketing company is like looking for a needle in a haystack so I'd recommend grabbing onto this one.
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