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How To Win At Poker

Jul 19, 2008
Poker has become one of the most exciting games that anyone can play. There are simple rules of the basic game which apply to playing all the variations of poker. A very slight rules change for each version of the game makes it an easy game for people to play.

The way to play the game can be taught in very simple steps. The basics of poker apply to all types of the game no matter how many cards are dealt or how many players are present. Knowing the basics of the game make the player able to focus on the more important parts of the game like bluffing.

There can be any number of players depending upon table size. There must be a dealer to pass out the cards and to call who won each hand. The role of the dealer can pass from player to player always in a clockwise fashion.

The player to the right of the dealer is the person who cuts the cards and plays first. All the players put an ante into the middle of the table. The players can bet, what is called a blind bet or all players ante, or they can wait for the dealer to begin the game.

The dealer passes out the appropriate number of face down cards and, depending upon the version played, the appropriate number of face down cards. Then the players either bet again or they check showing that they do not want to bet. Checking or passing is a sign that the players do not feel the need to make the pot higher.

Either the players bet or check after each face up card is dealt. The players bluff about what they have in their hand during this time. A player making the other players believe that they have the better hand by betting a certain amount is bluffing.

The technique of bluffing is what differentiates this game from any other card game. The other games that involve bluffing also involve dice. The French word Poque means to bluff which is where poker received it name.

Throughout the game, if it comes to a point where one player has bet and all others have folded, the player left wins the pot. If there is more than one player left, the other player either calls or raises. Calling is when the second player doesn't want to raise the stakes and folding is when a player decides his hand isn't good enough to go on..

If there are players who wish to see or raise the bet, then, after the last card has been laid out, there is a showdown. This is where all the remaining players flip over their hidden cards to see who won the hand. The highest hand wins the pot and the game starts over again.

Chips, which represent money in poker, are used to keep the betting orderly. Going "all in" is when a player bets all of their chips. A player is eliminated from the game if he or she has lost all their chips.

Knowing the basic rules makes poker an easy game to play. Bluffing and folding are the hardest parts of the game because it is difficult to know when to do so. As a means of income, only professional players find stability in poker.
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