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Earning a Profit with Web Hosting

Jul 19, 2008
To carry on profitably with a respectable web-hosting corporation, you must be equipped with a good understanding of computer working, and also a great deal of endurance. Many may consider that since the development of the Control Panel, scientific understanding is not required since the Panel controls the work of acquiring an already established server, and therefore that makes hosting a website very simple. However, matters are difficult. You may acquire a borrowed committed server and knowing the Panel well, you may also start site hosting, however, remember that some restrictions are present in the Control Panel.

To develop a flourishing long-term web-hosting corporation, keep in mind the following ten tips:

Step 1: Choose a policy that you want to utilize

You can consider using UNIX over Windows since the former is an open source program and thus cheaper, apart from having a stable environment for web hosting. Though most of the programs can run on both of these, ASP, MS-SQL, .NET, etc. are supported only by Windows. If you aren't sure about which host you want to use, you can select a web host that would offer both the operating systems under a single plan.

Step 2: Select the Control Panel which you wish to use

Control Panels can differ from the very simple ones which are user-friendly and have basic features together with the administrative ones, to the complicated ones like the the H-Sphere System.

Step 3: Select the reseller hosting provider

To start a web hosting company, this is a very significant decision. You have to remember that your web hosting company will command equal status as your preferred reseller hosting company. Customers do not think that the companies which offer cheap packages are better. A few areas where the company should score are:

* Customer support: Make sure that the company has telephone support for the customers round-the-clock. If that is not possible, they should at least have a good e-mail support system with rapid response for queries. These aspects will give the customers a good idea of how the company will be able to assist them when they need help.

* Control Panel and the platform: Make sure that your Control Panel has many features which you can use.

* Characteristics and simplicity: Ensure that the primary cost charged to the clients contains sufficient bandwidth to start the trade easily and also be enough as the trade grows.

* Reputation of the company: A good company always has customer forum where prospective customers can check out the forum and talk to other members about what their experience with the company has been like.

* Knowledge of the business in the area: If the business has been dealing with web hosting work for a long time then it is superior.

Step 4: Get your hosting plans set up and decide on matters of price

You may have plans of preparing a number of policies for the clients but don't pile up policies on them. You can give around 3-5 policies. Take a detailed view of all your opponents and see what they are planning. You will get a small group of clients who are not happy. If you oversell assets it is okay, then you may compensate for it by charge people for advantages like domain registrations, IP addresses, web stats and so on.

Step 5: Get a business website developed

You should ensure that you keep your site as simple as you can and also make sure that it is user0friednly. Customers will look for what they want and you have to satisfy their needs. Thus, there is no point wasting the customers' time telling them about you. You should utilize the space to tell them how you can satisfy their demands at a reasonable price and offer great service. You may use as few words as possible but make sure that the main page has 500 words at least. This is important for getting results in search engines. You can design the site yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Step 6: Prepare the site for E-Commerce

You will need a payment entry, a trade account and a SSL certificate to get payments online. These are some characteristics of online trade you have to get used to.

Step 7: Give your clients a good backup system

Getting the backup of your clients is essential as far as web-hosting plans are concerned. You can get either a policy or a Control Panel with a ready helpdesk, like H-Sphere. For starters you can use these service system that you will be producing, but after that it's your choice. You can have a column of Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's] that will solve some preliminary troubles of the clients. Ensure an efficient email system and a fast phone backing to solve the clients' problems in a short time.

Step 8: Setting up the billing of your client

Get software for calculating with a trade entry, especially one that combines with the Control Panel like H-Sphere. Some of them are:

* H-Sphere: this is a complete expense calculating software that will get you complete power on all assets and helps you prepare expenses you will ask for.

* PayPal: This system is a moderately easier one that is well matched with many Control Panels.

* Authorize Net: This is a flexible gateway system that is compatible with all major credit card providers and also with most Control Panels.

Step 9: Prepare an email for greetings

A welcome email is a must for your new clients. In your welcome email, you can include the following things:

* Complete aspects of the policy chosen by the client

* the registrar and the DNS changes

* An username and a provisional password

* a direct link to the Control Panel

* Connections to the significant topics like client support, FAQ's and so on.

Step 10: Marketing the website

Though it is a fact that marketing a website is a costly affair and consumes a lot of time as well, it is very important since good marketing will ensure that customers keep visiting your site all the time. Keep in mind that website marketing is not a one-time affair, but an ongoing one. Some aspects which you must consider in this regard include:

* Availing of all search engine outcomes

* affiliate programs and paid advertising

* newsletters

The steps mentioned below are just the basic ones, and not exhaustive. Though building of a web hosting site is challenging, it is not impossible if you are committed to it. Though many new companies are coming up each day, the market is not at the saturation point since there is a lack of good companies. You just need to take care of customer needs - word of mouth will do the rest. Remember, customer is the King!
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