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Does This Used Car Have Frame Damage?

Jul 19, 2008
When in the used car market there are many people trying to sell bad cars to good people. They might be a used car dealership, or just someone trying to get rid of their present car. I know that in a perfect world we would all buy new cars, but this just isn't feasible for most of us. So we must be careful when we are preparing to buy that next used car. You most definitely don't want to get a lemon.

I can remember the first time I saw a car driving down the road and it was pointed one way, but going another. I was a little boy and I thought what is wrong with that car? My father went on to explain how the frame had been damaged, and that the car was dangerous to drive.

In this case it is easy to see that this car is probably a lemon and has some serious frame damage. On the other hand there are several cars that are not so obvious; yet if you buy them you are getting a bad deal for sure. That is unless the seller is practically giving away the car.

The first place that I always look is the title of the car. If the title isn't clean then the seller will be hesitant to show it to you. If he does show it to you and everything appears clean but you still aren't sure about that car, then follow these suggestions and see what you can do.

Tell tale signs that will show if that particular car has been in a serious accident is quite easy to see. Fist thing to check is all brake lights and any type of accessories that are connected to the car but are not the color of the car. What are you looking for? Paint! That's right, many times if the car has been in a fender bender when they repaint that part there will be a little bit of over spray on the light covers or mirrors.

Another place to look is the lines where two parts of the car come together. For example, you would want to check the crack between the front fender and the hood. If one end of that line is close together and the other end is far apart then you know something is not lining up right. Something has probably been changed and isn't fitting like the original.

In all your investigating don't forget to do the obvious and ask the owner about the car. Many times people selling the car are very honest and will tell you every detail. Remember that you are in control and they have to answer all of your questions. Many times you can tell if they are hiding something by asking some simple questions. If they are hesitant and a little shaky, then walk away. There is a better car just down the road with a seller that will tell you everything that you want to know.

Just a few months ago I was looking at a used car. Yep, our family is expanding and we needed an SUV. As I looked over the car I noticed that it hadn't been take care of very well. Then I spotted the paint on the taillight. I causally asked the seller if the car had been in any kind of accident and he stated, "oh sure, just the normal fender bender a couple of times". I almost walked away right then! Why didn't he walk me over to that fender and say, "A few months ago we got hit here in a parking lot, and had to have this fender replaced"? Because he didn't want to tell me what really happened. Needless to say, I walked away and didn't buy that car.

Don't be afraid while you are looking at a used car. Stay in control and ask the questions that you want to ask. If the seller gets upset because you are asking several questions then he is more then likely hiding something so beware! Happy car shopping!
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