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Jul 19, 2008
If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know aswell as running online blogs I am also at Law School. Yes I am very busy, but I like it that way. Even though I will hopefully one day qualify as a lawyer I cant deny the attraction to the lifestyle an online business brings. You get to work from home everyday, set your own schedule, go for breaks when you please and holidays when you want and at the same time enjoy a good level of income. What more could you want from your occupation.

I was talking to an online entreprenuer recenlty who stated running an online business helps build your character in so many areas. I can fully comprehend that. Trying to make my online pursuits successful is probably one of the most challenging things I have done in my life. It hastested my stamina, intellect, communication and focus. If you lack in any of these and cannot step up your business results will show.

As any in business knows on or offline, it can be unforgiving. However this helps to keep you honest and strive to magnify yourself in every area. There are alot of people in this world who have good ideas, but most people cannot successfully implement them. Running your own business can put heaps of pressure on your shoulders especially when you begin to have success believe it or not. Most people in this world are so worried about failing that they never take any risks and thats what seperates those that do from those that dont. An entrepreuner who fears risk is like an athlete who hates being out of breath.

There have been many times in life when I have felt the strains of having no money, bills to pay and no means to do it. This pressure caused me to push myself harder and has mademe sculp my character. You business helps you to develope trust and self belief in yourself and to stay focused undr extreme pressure. Dont get me wrong you dont have to stress yourself into growth but it is an absolute must that you challenge yourself. Lift weights that are heavy and taxing but be sure you can lift them. If you only do what comes easy to you, you will never progress.

Why an online business. In this day and age I really do not understand why everyone does not have some kind of online business, even if your income levels are low there is wealth of growth you can acheive by pursuing an online business. I think the greatest thing of all about an online business is that you will be able to create something that can provide you with income for the rest of your life.

I look at the children growing up in todays society and they are so internet savvy. Any of them could set up their own internet business and begin on the road to online success. I look at my own children and I am seriously considering teaching them everything I know so they can start as early as possible.

When I was back in college my friends would work all weekend, they asked me how I could afford not to work. When I explained to them that I worked online they were slightly cynical to say the least, but when they saw me pull in 2000 one month and they were earning 600 pm and dedicating there full weekends the smiles soon dropped. This is what I love about the online world, you can put your ideas across to a worldwide audience and with a little bit of intelligence create something really special.

Building Traffic. Running an online business can be really quite simple. I mean look at my website, for example. It is as simple as you get but filled with quality content and even though it is new now I can almost guarantee in 12 months time it will be bringing in around 5 figures per year. YES it wont make me a millionaire but well worth the energy I think. Even if it just cover my monthly expenses I would consider it to be a real success and put together with my other blog earnings I may even be able to qualify as a lawyer and not work straight away.

The most important thing about building a successful business is being able to generate traffic. If you cannot do this the quality of your site will make not difference. The problem is not a lot of people can do this, they try out a load of inept stratergies and give up after a few months. Those are the people who will fail and unfortunately are in the majority.

If you can grow and maintain your traffic then monetization is a fore gone conclusion. Check out my traffic building articles on this site for tips and tricks on doing this effectively. Why most people fail I have been on the internet ladder for some years now and probably the biggest mistake I see is people incorrectly using technology or not at all. Sites with half entered contact details, hidious ad setups, poor choice of topics or even titles using no major keywords. These kind of problems can cause difficulties for visitors and search engine spiders.

On the other hand there are teenagers humming along making 5000 a month in 6 12 months. They probably make the mistakes but are savvy enough to fix them. It really bothered me that people would fail because they do not understand permalinks, rss feeds or pings. People could write great content but no one online was ever going to see it. It is important that you research, research and research some more before even attepting the internet game. An alternative. If you really want to start an online business but think you may fail on the technical side of building and maintaining a site then I have a recomendation which I am proud to give you. It is Site Build it, the reason why I am recomending this product is simply because it works. I used it for my first site and have followed the things I was taught with every site I have built. I firmly believe that using site build it is the next best thing to securing the success of your site.
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