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Open Your Restaurant Business the Correct Way

Jul 20, 2008
So you have made a choice to create your own restaurant or catering business? Then read on. As we all know the catering sector is defiantly one to get into, although very populated it is still a very good investment with great ROI. But what differentiates the good catering businesses from the bad are three factors.

Firstly there are the important decision of the staff, who must be just as good as the actual owner if not better. If you do not have somebody who cares about there job or work it will be clear to your customers and consumers and they just will not return. Secondly you must have the latest state of the art equipment. Let us just create a quick scenario here, who would you rather go to somebody that still makes there coffee and tea with a kettle or someone that has one of the greatest pieces of technology that is available on the current market which is equipped with state of the art level indicators which will assure that your drink is never over done, I know which one I would choose.

Finally and probably the most important fact of running a business is your presentation, from the planning right down to the delivery you should meet every aspect with perfection. Meaning that you should decorate your restaurant to the highest standards possible and maintain that by keeping it clean, I have seen a lot of food catering places that forget this in the long run and that is probably why they end up closing down.

Basically they open there business and spend a fortune on it by getting all of the latest equipment then once they have opened they just forget about the hygiene. These types of businesses are like a dodgy salesman, they attract you in from the outside with all of the latest gadgets and gizmos then once you enter the building you are shocked by the sheer amount of dirt on the counter and oil dripping from the air filtration.

Then you sit down to have a meal and are stunned when you look at it and it has all the dirt off the grill from five days ago. So to finally sum up if you are thinking of opening a catering business you should keep these three important aspects in mind as if you do not you are doomed for failure due to the fact of the sheer amount of competition.
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