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Are You A Stay At Home Mum?

Jul 20, 2008
The work place has changed dramatically since the industrial revolution and feminist movement. Women no longer wanted to work at home, they decided to take a stand along side men at work. Equal rights and equal salaries were being fought for by women everywhere. The feminist movement was said to have begun in the 19th century as people began to adopt the perception that women are living in a male-centred society. These thoughts are still evident today with feminists continuing to fight for conditions which they see to be unfair to women. They observe that in most areas of the world, women still earn less than men on average and also hold less economic and political power.

However, there are some women who would like to spend a large amount of time with their children in the first few years after they are born. The choice between career and family is an issue faced by most women leading up to and after child birth, and this is a difficult decision to make.

Online businesses and marketing schemes make it possible for women to become successful whilst maintaining a close relationship with their children. These mothers are still able to witness a baby's first steps, watch the kids at play school and attend dancing lessons etc. as this can be so easily fit into a routine which can be adapted into everyday life.

The internet is a great advantage for work at home mums as they can learn how to utilise it and make it work wonders for them. The internet is a source of business, and the virtual community allows information and ideas to be made into money. Internet businesses can be ran by work at home mums; these women can provide a variety of functions and services, whilst maintaining their web pages. This way, mothers can still be important figures in the business world and at the same time: carers in the household.

The internet also allows work at home mums to communicate and network: they can connect to the outside world through forums, offering their advice on obstacles and struggles and sharing experiences. This is incredibly important as the nature of the 'stay at home' role implies that one would be cut off from the outside world. But this is simply not the case. The internet is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with contacts and making new ones. Communication in this way will make the whole process less overwhelming and a much more manageable task for the mothers concerned.

Affiliate programs is a term that refers to affiliates being able to leverage their traffic and customer base in order to make money from e-commerce. Merchants therefore benefit from increased exposure and sales. With affiliate programs, stay at home mums can earn two incomes: the first is the money made from her web site and the products she sells, and the other is by providing a link to an affiliate's web site. By doing this, the affiliate will pay her each time someone visits their site from the owner's link.
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