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Who Else Wants to Create an Automated Income With Viral Marketing?

Aug 17, 2007
Are you ready to learn how to use viral marketing to make an automated income?

Viral marketing is a truly powerful advertising method in which other people spread the word about your product or service for you. In a sense it is the ultimate form of word-of-mouth advertising.

With some simple techniques, that I'll outline for you here, you can create your own ebook or report that will not only advertising your main product or service, but earn you an income over and over again - all on autopilot.

In this article I'm going to focus on creating an informational product, an ebook, that you can use as your viral tool. Ebooks are easy to create and can be distributed easily over the Internet.

1. Create a truly informative product that people want.

The first step in automating your income is to have the end in mind. Remember that your ultimate goal is to sell your product. That being said, you need to start by creating an informational product that has true value, helpful information, for people who would want your product.

For example, if you are selling a program that will increase traffic to my website, your informaitonal prouduct should help me generate traffic. Of course, you don't want to "spill the beans" about any techniques used in the product you are trying to sell. Instead you would explain why getting traffic to your website is so important. Give tips about the wrong ways to generate traffic, and then you could even give tips about the right ways to generate quality traffic.

The key to remember is that your informational product must be something that people not only want to read, but is worthwhile enough for them to pass along to others.

2. Include ways to profit from your free report.

Just because you are creating a product that people can get for free, doesn't mean that you can't profit from it.

The first way to do this is by including links to recommended products and services within your free report. These can be links to products you sell, or to products other people sell that you earn a commission on.

3. Make sure YOU are the solution.

Remember that the goal is ultimately to get people to purchase the product you are selling.

In the case of your traffic-generating program your ebook should describe all the ways that you shouldn't use to create traffic and give tips about properly creating a flood of traffic to your website. The ultimate solution, of course, is to purchase your product or service.

The last portion of you viral product should be to describe exactly how your solution will generate the results your reader wants. This should be a mini sales letter of sorts.

For best results don't include an entire sales pitch about your product. Instead, give a brief summary and then direct the reader to a place to get more information. Ideally this would be to your mailing list so that you can capture their name and email address and continue to sell them.

4. How to make your product "viral"

The last ingredient in creating a viral product to automate your income is to give readers some incentive to pass along your ebook.

First, you can simply offer resale rights to your ebook. If it is truly a quality product then others will jump at the chance to earn some money by reselling it. However, in order to do this you'll want to include a sample web page with a sales letter and cover graphics. This gives the reseller a turnkey solution and makes it easy to resell.

Another way to get others to distribute your viral ebook for you is by offering to re-brand it.

Remember all those affiliate links we discussed earlier? By allowing others to rebrand your ebook with their own affiliate links they will gladly pass your ebook around. Of course, you dont' have to let them rebrand all the links.

To add extra profits to your viral ebook, you can charge people to rebrand it with their own links! Many people will jump at the chance and gladly pay you to brand the ebook with their own links.

Others will simply continue to distribute your ebook without rebranding it. Either way, you win!

Taking the time to create an ebook or report to promote your product is one of the best ways to leverage the power of viral marketing.

By including your own affiliate links, selling rebranding rights, and promoting your main product you will quietly create an automated income.

While you won't get rich overnight, the sales will trickle in even when you're not actively promoting your product.

Let others do the work for you by unlocking the real power of viral marketing.
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James Pearson is the author and creator of many viral marketing products. Get a free copy of his viral ebook and newsletter at http://www.viralmarketingunleashed.com and learn how to automate your marketing and income.
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