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One Unique Home Based Business Opportunity

Jul 20, 2008
When you step back and look at various ways to make money at home several things jump out at you. One you may not have considered is becoming an article writer. This is one unique home based business opportunity that can pay you extremely well and be a lot of fun too.

The first thing to understand about what makes this so unique is although there are many websites and blogs that need content and there are very few people available to provide it. This presents a unique opportunity for you to provide a valuable service and get paid to do it.

Writing blog content can be as simple as putting down thoughts of 200 to 300 words that solve one problem. For example if a person has a home business blog, you might write an article on how to set up an auto responder.

This solves a specific problem and could be written about in two to 300 words. The going rate to write blog articles of this content is about five dollars and should take you no more than 10 to 15 minutes to write.

If you do the math on that you can quickly see that you should be able to average $20-$30 an hour writing blog articles for bloggers.

You can do the same thing writing website content. Although these articles might be a little longer, there are webmasters willing to pay to have articles for marketing their business as well is creating new web pages for it.

This is two examples of how you could turn article writing into a unique home based business opportunity for yourself. Setting this up is really very easy to do.

You could join Blogger.com and create a one page blog where you list the various services you provide. You can also join PayPal.com and quickly be set up to take payments online for the work that you do.

The last step of course is going to be marketing your business. Today social networking provides a unique opportunity to quickly get the word out about your business. By joining some of the top social networks and getting to know people you can quickly develop a customer base of people to write for.

Many of these will lead to repeat customers, and you will find that your time available to write will quickly fill up, and so will your bank account. This is one unique home based business opportunity that is going to continue to be in demand and profitable for people looking to take advantage of it.
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