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Affiliate Marketing With Your Blog

Jul 20, 2008
Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you promote someone else's product on your blog or website.

So, all that you are doing here is that you are informing the potential customers of a company, about its products or services and then guiding them to the company's website. And every time somebody from your blog reaches the company's website, you get paid a percentage of the sale amount or an amount based on pay per click basis.

But how lucrative is this affiliate marketing work? How do I decide what product or company to market on my blog? What do I say? How do I promote a product?

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business because it requires almost no capital and starts giving returns much sooner than any other conventional business. The commissions that you can earn through Affiliate Marketers like ClickBank, Commission Junction, Paydotcom, etc can range anywhere between 5% and 75% of the sale value of the product. 75% sound too good to be true, doesn't it? Well yes, it does and there are several products on which you'll be paid so generously. Why? We'll show you here why.

Imagine an eBook worth $200 is being sold online by somebody called Tom. Tom makes 5 sales each week which means that he makes $1000 each week selling his eBooks through his website. But what would happen if his eBook was being promoted by 50 blogs and each blog made a sale of one eBook every week. He would then be selling out eBooks worth $10,000. And even if he pays out commission of 75%, he is left with $2500 which is more than double of what he earned earlier. But of course, if you affiliate with a physical goods company it'll pay you lesser commission like 15-20%.

So what all can you sell to make money? You can sell just about anything that can be sold and billed online like eBooks, Software, electronic goods, books etc. Basically all that you have to have is good writing skills and passion to promote the product with all conviction. Quite often you'll find that there are products which people want to buy every week or month. You get a monthly commission for that too.

So how do you decide what product to choose? Well, look around and see what niche of products give the best commissions for every sale. The highest paying ones are probably the least selling ones and might prove difficult to sell. Those giving away the least are probably the ones that are there on hundreds of other blogs and therefore your chances of making a sale is low again due to heavy competition. So pick a product that you know a little bit about and offer commission in the range of 25-50%. These are either new products or those with medium conversion rates. But at the same time these would be on fewer blogs which would mean less competition.

Affiliate marketing is the call of the day and anyone who is missing this flight is definitely going to repent later. So go ahead and get your own blog today and sign-up with an affiliate network to start making money right away.
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