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You Have Been to the Interview ? What Happens Now?

Jul 20, 2008
After you have attended a job interview, it is not a good idea to sit waiting near your phone for the offer of a position. Refrain from telephoning the interviewer immediately after the interview to make enquiries. A much more favorable alternative is to send a thank you note to the people responsible for the interview afterwards. Thank you letters should always express your gratitude towards the company for allowing you the opportunity and experience of an interview, and making the experience a memorable one. Through your thank you letter, you can reconfirm that you indeed wish to gain employment with the organization and indicate clearly that you are waiting positively to hear some good news from them in due time. If the interview was conducted by more than one interviewer then you must send a thank you letter to each one of the people involved.

In the thank you letter, you can also restate the services that you can provide to the company and in what ways your services will be of benefit to the company. You must always ensure that the thank you letter is grammatically correct without any spelling mistakes.

If you receive mail from the interviewer indicating that someone else was successful, it is good manners to reply to this notification with a letter thanking them for their time and for giving you the opportunity to attend the interview. Be sure to have them understand that you will be interested for a similar position in the future.

Quite a number of organizations will call people for a second interview, perhaps for a final ?cull? of applicants. By all means feel free to express your pleasure at being chosen for the second interview. Be sure to find out the format of the second interview and where and when it will be conducted. It is also a wise choice to ask for the name of the interviewer and their position in the company. You may also wish to ask for directions to the place of interview if it is being held in an area in which you are not familiar.

You may be called for a second interview as many organizations have these to decide between the ?finalists?. By all means, express your pleasure, in a dignified manner, at being chosen for this second interview. Enquire regarding the format of the interview and the time and place where it is to be conducted. It is also advisable to ask for the name of the interviewer and what position they hold in the company and, should the interview be arranged for a location some distance away from home, find out the best route. This way you can be sure that you will be on time.

Often in a second interview you are given an opportunity to see how the company actually works and this is an excellent time to gauge whether you will be happy working for such an organization. Observation will undeniably help you with this concern. A second thank you letter after the interview will always be appreciated. It is also an important gesture as they have gone to the effort to call you for the second time. If you are successful in the second interview then under no circumstances should you discuss rates of pay with the employer if you feel that it is too low. This will be of no benefit to you and may even result in the employer choosing another candidate for the position. It is acceptable, however, if you are selected for the job to ask questions relating to the rules and regulations of the company, their dress code and your leave conditions.
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