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Waitressing Isn't Always an Easy Job

Jul 20, 2008
Waitressing is a common job out there for many women. They are the ones that allow you to sit back and enjoy a nice dinner. They are responsible for taking care of all you needs throughout the meal. Some of the people in this business really enjoy it and a person can tell. They are also very good at what they do.

Most of us take the waitress for granted when she is doing a terrific job. We only tend to notice issues when she is inconsistent or not doing a very good job at all. This can really affect the overall dining experience that a person has. The wise restaurant owner will make sure all of the waitresses are well trained before placing them with customers. They will also keep an eye on how they interact with customers on a regular basis.

Waitressing isn't right for everyone and so you will have to decide if you like it or not. It may be a first job for many young girls. It can be intimidating at times so you have to be confident in your abilities. You have to devise a system that will work well for you to meet the needs of customers. Even when the restaurant is very busy you can continue to meet the needs of everyone you are responsible for.

Pay attention to cues from customers as they will really help with waitressing. You can tell if they are ready to order or finished with plates based on their behaviors. You can also tell when they are ready to be offered dessert and their check. Not leave customers waiting to order as it will upset them. Do your best to periodically get back to check on each table throughout the meal.

With waitressing you will soon notice many small things that can make a significant difference. For example offering a booster chair for small children as well as extra napkins will be appreciated. Keep an eye on the levels of drinks as it can be hard to enjoy your meal when you don't have anything to wash it down with. Many restaurants offer free refills on soda, coffee, and tea so make sure you keep them coming.

Being friendly is essential with waitressing. You should only do this line of work if you genuinely like people. Smile often and interact as much as you can. Customers really do expect that personalized service. If you have regular customers that come in often make sure they know that you do look forward to seeing them.

If you want to make as much money as possible waitressing then you need to offer the ultimate dining experience. The amount of tips you will earn often depend on the service you provide. Make sure you treat everyone very well and that you do your best to provide them with everything they need. If problems arise you can't effectively handle then get the manager to assist you.

Waitressing can be a very rewarding job opportunity for the right person. It can take some time to get all of the essential elements of the job down. However, if you are willing to try, friendly, and interacting with customers then you will be showing sincere effort. That goes along way in the eyes of both the owner of the restaurant and those that dine there.
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