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Good Job Interview Questions

Jul 20, 2008
First-rate job interview questions are the most essential and important element of any job interview. You must be very focused on the questions you ask. In addition to this you must ensure that you obtain the desired answers from the questions you have asked the candidate. First, you must create a good rapport with the candidate. Remember that you are the questioner and you will obtain the answers according to what type of questions you ask. Additionally, how and at what time you pose different questions plays a vital role. The general success of the interview depends upon it. Always listen to the answers attentively before asking the next question.

First-rate job interview questions are ideally asked in increasing order of their importance. Initially, you should ask the more general informative questions such as ?How would you describe yourself??, ?What are your long term and short term goals and objectives??, ?Where do you think you will be five years from now??, ?Have you made any specific plans for achieving your career goals??, ?What do you expect to be your salary in five years??, followed by some of the more complex questions, for example, ?Why did you select this profession??, ?According to your colleagues, what are your strengths and weaknesses??, ?What benefits do you expect from your career?? etc. As you proceed to the next level of the interview any questions should be more specific in order to assess the talent and expertise of the candidate. Pace yourself when asking these questions. You must direct your questions in relation to the answers given by the candidate. Some excellent questions that are able to give you what you are looking for instantly are as follows: ?How would you assess your ability to deal with differences of opinion??, ?Why should the company consider you for the position?? and ?What qualifications do you possess that make the best candidate for this position??. Further to this you may ask, for example, ?What you think it would require to be successful in an organization such as ours??, ?Do you consider yourself to be leadership material??, ?Which, in your opinion, is more important: creativeness or efficiency and why??, ?What do you understand about our competition?? etc. These sorts of questions should be put forward whenever they are necessary. From these questions it is possible to discover much about the candidate?s nature, skills and other capacities.

In concluding the interview, it is imperative to ask the best questions so you can assess the person?s ability to work successfully in your group or team. Some of the best questions are as follows: ?Have you ever been sacked or asked to leave some company??, ?What opinion would your last supervisor have regarding your job performance??, ?How successful are you in performing under pressure??. Occasionally it may be appropriate to ask questions about future work eg ?How will you motivate your colleagues??, ?How do you plan on achieving promotions in this company??, ?How will you use your work experience to benefit this company?? etc.

The best questions are a key aspect to any successful interview. Along with the best questions, you must be able to identify the important points you obtained from the answers given by the candidate. This will make it easier to make the final decision with regards choosing the right candidate for your company.
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