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Don't Pay For Vending Locator Services

Jul 20, 2008
A vending locator service is simply a waste of your money. These so called professionals will claim to help you find locations for your vending machines. They will likely follow through with that claim as well. The problem though is that they won't be securing you the vending machine locations that you really need in order to make a profit.

They will find you places that allow such vending machines to be put into place. However, they don't care if there is a great deal of foot traffic in that area or not. They also won't care if there are many other vending machines already in that given location. A vending locator business is out there to make money for themselves and no one else.

The only way you are going to successfully find great locations for your vending machines is to find them on your own. You will have to think outside of the box in order to find them. Don't give up though as there is likely some uncharted territory out there around you. Take the time to find several locations so you can evaluate them.

Grab yourself some drinks, munchies, and a notebook so you can be comfortable. You will need to spend a great deal of time watching each of these vending machine locations. Keep track of how many people you see coming and going from the area. In order to get a very accurate estimate you need to do this at various hours of the day. You also need to go on many different days of the week.

Another factor to consider is if the traffic to that particular location will be seasonal or not. That can be highly profitable at the peak but in the end cost you money due to sitting so long without too many customers the rest of the year. You can be sure there isn't a vending locator out there that will be looking into all of these various aspects for you.

The quality of your vending locations is vital to the overall success of your business. There will be plenty of costs involved with a vending business. To pay for them you need to be bringing money in. You don't want to take your chances with any vending location. Depending on luck alone to make you money isn't going to be a good marketing strategy.

Instead of taking a vending locator at their word, you need to find your own way. You need to make sure you can get the vending machine in place and make money. It can take some time to find the right location for a vending machine. Therefore you need to find a place for one before you buy it. You don't want your payment to become due on it before you have had a chance to make any money from it.

Be careful though as a vending locator business will attempt to paint a different picture of all of this in your mind. They will rush you to buy the vending machines and they will keep their end of finding you locations. They don't care if you make money or not though. While their practices are legal they certainly aren't ethical so don't be taken in by them.
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Robert Farnham built a large, profitable vending business. He now writes about avoiding problems with vending locating companies, and the smart way of starting a vending business.
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