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How To Find Free Online Surveys

Jul 20, 2008
Free online surveys have the advantage of providing you with income right from your computer and you never have to pay for the privilege of completing the survey.

You may have believed that you would have to pay a subscription or listing fee in order to obtain surveys to complete for the companies looking for information from consumers. However, free online surveys are also available for those who want to search them out and use them. Choose from any of several options to locate surveys that you can take that will cost you nothing to access. Particularly when you are first trying to get into the field of survey completion, you may have difficulty finding disposable income to send off to survey companies for membership fees or listing fees. Use free surveys to build up your income without losing it to fees and costs of the listing sites.

Listing sites

Free online surveys can be found at various listing sites. These sites are funded through advertisements or by the companies themselves so that the worker has no need to make a payment directly or indirectly toward the cost of the survey. As with other types of surveys, the worker only needs to select the survey in which there is interest and complete it for payment to be rendered. These free listing sites can be supported for various reasons, such as an advertising mechanism, or they may be considered part of the cost of obtaining the results. In either case, the company is able to gain valuable customer information and responses by making such surveys available.

Content sites

Some free online surveys can be found by visiting content sites. Much information about a product can be collected through such means. Some sites are even set up just for the purpose of asking a question or two on a subject each day. Then the results of the survey questions are made public as a benefit to the visitor. The information is a benefit to the visitor, but it is also a benefit to public opinion pollsters.


There are brokers who provide free online surveys, since they are paid by the companies that look for answers to the survey questions. In this instance, you won't be required to pay your money to the broker in order to gain access to the surveys, since they provide the surveys and the payment to you still is covered in their costs. The companies involved look upon these costs as a part of the cost of doing business.


Another way you will be able to find free online surveys is to look in advertisements. Again, some of the companies consider placing advertisements through their free survey offers as a way of creating mailing lists for their products and services. Often you will find a short two or three question survey included in a larger group of surveys, some with a very nice prize or reward attached. Although technically this is a free survey, in reality it is more a way of letting people know about the product rather than learning about consumer reaction to a product. This type of survey is quite common.
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