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Stop Chasing The Longtail - Convert It!

Jul 20, 2008
A lot of time is spent in trying to find the right longtail keywords. And that research can turn up some real gems. Setting a site up correctly and optimization each page for a different longtail keyword can send thousands upon thousands of visitors to your website every day.

It's a time consuming process but done correctly the traffic sent to a site is more than worth the efforts being put into it.

Unless That Site Want Convert.

Getting the most out of your website is a never ending process. The right fonts, the number of links, colors, design, text, navigation, logo, phone number, font size and every other aspect down to the smallest detail can affect the number of visitors you are converting. And that affects the amount of money you're able to make.

For example, in my testing I've found that I want to limit the number of options available to my potential customers down to the one I want him/her to take. Another words I try to give them enough information to get them to make the purchase but not a cent more. I've seen many on site optimization companies put a link to every page of the site on every page of the site. This is information over load and the chances of your potential customer clicking links and looking for more and more information until something else comes up and they leave never to make the purchase increases by 100%.

I guess that's the reason they are optimizing your site and not theirs. If what they were doing worked they would not be trying to sell you their services but would be making money with it on their own site.

I worked with a guy about a month ago on some affiliate marketing stuff. I saw content that repeated itself, an ugly design, no logo and many other problems. I pointed this out to the site owner only to be told that the repeating text was for the search engines and that the current site was making money. But I have to wonder how much more money the site could make, if the current problems were fixed?

I decided to put my time and effort into another site were the site owner was willing to work with me in making changes to his site in hopes of getting the most out of it. I am currently making $200.00 per day on affiliate marketing with that site.

My point is that you have to be flexible and willing to make changes in order to get the most out of your online site.
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Janeth Duque, Specialist in marketing and web site design.

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