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Create a Division Between Work and Family Life

Jul 20, 2008
There is a simple code that I abide by to help ensure peace and balance in life, and that is what happens at work stays at work there, and what happens at home stays at home. Mixing the two worlds often can have troubling effects on both areas of your life. This can be especially difficult for people that work from their homes and be even more difficult to manage.

Many people work long hours in their jobs or home business and find they don't feel like they have much left over for their families after a long day. Yet, the families are the priority, how to give your best to both can be a struggle.

Tip One: Use your commute time to shift gears mentally from letting go of the day at work, and begin thinking about your family.

This strategy is more geared for people who work outside of the house, it's important. However long your commute from work to home is, use that time to work through work issues somewhat and then focus on what you have to look forward to at home. Think about your loved ones and what their day might have been like.

Two: Come up with a Schedule

This strategy is for people that work from home, where keeping work and family separate is even more of a challenge. It is so easy when you work from home to work way more then you would at a traditional office, because you have everything right there. You need to create a work schedule, and this schedule is going to have to take two things into consideration, demands of your work and demands of your family. You may find that you need to be working early in the morning or after the kids go to bed. Create a schedule that you can stick to and that will work so that your business isn't suffering and neither is your family.

Three: Get Different Phone lines

This will help create a division between work and home. Define work hours as much as you can. You can either have a cell or land line be one or the other. You can also have different phone rings for personal use to separate the roles. When it's not work hours, let those business calls go to an answering device.

Strategy Four: Have an Office that is separate from the rest of the house.

I know this isn't always possible. What you can do is create a work space. There are really beautiful little room partitions that you can get to help create a separate workspace. It's important for you to be able to get up and walk away from work.
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