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Examples of Common Interview Questions

Jul 20, 2008
Many of the questions asked in any interview can be divided into two types according to the skills being tested. These are the general interview and the technical interview questions. The questions asked in the general interview are similar regardless of the kind of job. In this specific type of interview, the candidate is to be assessed for their ability to communicate and their level of confidence.

Some examples of typical questions are:

* What are your educational qualifications? * Where did you complete your education and at what level? * In what particular position in our company are you interested? * How confident are you that you will get this job? * What company did you work for previously? * Are you looking for a stable and permanent job with our company or would you be interested in seeking employment elsewhere after some time? * What has the greater importance for you, the rate of pay, job satisfaction, job security, or convenience? * At what level was your last salary? * What expectations do you have of the company? If you were successful in obtaining the position, what would you expect in way of salary? * Tell us what you know about our company. * Do you have any medical conditions or disability that may affect your work? Would you require any assistance at work? * Tell us about your other interests and hobbies. * Can you provide us with some examples from the past that demonstrates your analytical abilities? * What kinds of long-term goals do you have? * What kinds of short-term goals do you have? * Where do you envisage yourself to be five years from now? * Why should we choose you for this job? * Why did you leave your previous job? * What do you believe are the qualities of a team player? * Can you cite examples from the past when you have demonstrated your ability to be a team player? * How would you handle a disagreement with a colleague? * Can you provide us with a few examples from the past, when you were able to diffuse a disagreement independently? * tell us about an interesting incident that occurred during your previous job. * What do you believe you can achieve by gaining employment with this company? * Where you do live? * Would you be happy to accept a transfer in the future? * (Living a long distance from the workplace) Do you perceive any difficulties with travel from your home to work each day? * Is there anything that we can tell you about this company?

These are only a small number of the common personal questions that are frequently asked for all types of jobs. These may be asked by a particular interviewer who is only in attendance for these questions. The technical questions are usually asked by the separate interviewers.

It is very important that your answers to all questions indicate clear and professional thinking. You should always be sure to answer them confidently.
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