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Answering Those Common Questions

Jul 20, 2008
Interviews are always a challenging time for all, whether it is your first or not. There is a proven way to ease this tension and that is to ?be prepared?. Spare the time to review the most important and recurrent questions and practice the answers. Allow yourself some time to research the company profile, its management and establishment and this will certainly add to your knowledge and also boost your confidence. Prime yourself to acquaint your interviewer with your previous experience in terms of your job title and your previous company?s name. Revise your resume thoroughly and discuss your previous company precisely.

These are some important guidelines in how to answer job interview questions; they will unquestionably lead to a successful interview:

* ?Tell me something about yourself.? This is a typical opening question in an interview. Take care and be specific. Complete your introduction as succinctly as possible. You will need to cover four important topics: early years, education, work history and recent career experience. Don?t waste time on irrelevant points here. * ?What do you know about our organization?? This is one of the important questions as it will show your knowledge of the company. You should be prepared to discuss what you know about the products, services; revenues, reputation, image, goal, management style etc. However, never make it look as though you know everything and don?t overload the interviewer with too much information. Use this opportunity to indicate that you are a keen learner and you want to discover more. * ?Why do you want to work with our company?? For a successful answer to such questions you have to be prepared and know how to answer them. Your answer will be totally dependent upon your research as regards the sector in which the company is growing, whether it is research and development, finance, strong management and as such your answer should reflect what the company is looking for in you as a potential employer. * ?What can you do for us that someone else can not?? In answering this question, discuss your previous achievements and records of successful timely completion of projects. Discuss your skills and interests that you have mentioned in the resume and show yourself to be a valuable asset to the interviewer. * ?What interests you in this position?? To answer this question successfully you should mention two or three positive aspects of the position with perhaps one or two negative points should you feel it necessary. * ?Why should we hire you?? Answer this one making reference to your ability, experience and energy, your keenness to learn new skills etc. * ?What are your expectations from this job?? Your answer for this question should be focused on company opportunities andyou?re your personal security. * ?How long would you like to stay with us?? Make sure that your response is a positive one; that you want to work with this organization and achieve personal goals and to be an asset to the company and continue to do so for as long as you are required. * ?What are your long term goals?? Again, your answer to this should be company oriented. Discuss your goals such as they are relevant to the company?s interests. * ?How successful you have been so far?? State with confidence that you are happy with the way your career has progressed so far and that you feel you have done well to date and you don?t have any regrets about your past decisions.
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