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How to Conduct a Job Interview

Jul 20, 2008
Conducting a job interview is a most important responsibility for any manager or supervisor. Using their judgment and skill to choose the best person for the job, they ensure the future of the organization. Conducting a job interview is not easy for a first time interviewer. The main quality needed to conduct an interview is self confidence. You must appear welcoming yet authoritative, as you attitude and the first impression you give will influence the attitude of the candidate. Employers can quite often become nervous whilst conducting a job interview. Ensure that you stay on task and that the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Greet each candidate warmly and give a firm handshake as this will be of a great assistance in creating the atmosphere you want.

At the time the interview, meet the candidate and greet him/her warmly, thanking them for taking the time to come to the interview. It is important to establish good eye contact at this time as it will make your task easier. Then direct the candidate to a comfortable seat. This will assist in reducing tension and will ensure a successful start to the interview.

After these initial general questions, take a minute?s break and have an informal chat with the candidate. This will create an atmosphere that is welcoming and will ultimately obtain the best response from the candidate. The next level of questioning is concerned with questions that give you information about the level of skill, talent and expertise the candidate may have, so the questions must be framed so that they highlight these attributes. You should take observation notes, as these will be of benefit to you when making the final decision. Some examples of this level of questioning relate to what the candidate is searching for in a job, why they are the best person for the job, what the candidate do for the company that some one else cannot etc.

After the initial general questions take a short break and have an informal chat with the candidate before starting with the next series of questions. This will create a more relaxed atmosphere and will assist the candidate in answering the questions as best they can. This next level of questions include those which tell you how much skill and talent a person has and whether they are right for the job. From these questions you will be able to highlight the applicant?s talent and expertise. Be sure to note down every point you observe, as it will benefit you when you are making the final decision. Some of the important questions asked in this section are those that are asking the candidate what they are looking for in a job, why they should be considered for the position, what can you offer over another candidate etc.

Finish the interview with friendly gestures, thanking the candidate again and shaking hands. Allow yourself a few minutes before beginning another interview. A poorly managed interview will not be a success and if you make a wrong decision it could be potentially disastrous for the company.
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