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Meet Promotional Needs with Creative Web Page Design

Jul 20, 2008
The way to increase sales is to adapt an interactive marketing strategy. To avoid Internet promotions would be like turning your back on customers with cash in hand. Smart business owners know that Internet marketing is the modern way to attract new customers. This includes having a creative website design with user-friendly menus, videos and flash design where appropriate. The days of placing a classified ad in the local newspaper to advertise your business are gone. While that age-old strategy may lure in a few customers, a majority of people turn to the Internet for their news, entertainment and shopping.

Using Graphics to Meet Your Promotional Needs

Graphics can be used in a number of ways, both functional and artistic. They can be used to create patterns, unique concepts, 3-D objects and motion graphics. Images that flip, wave, roll or rotate attract attention. Of course, too much of a good thing is overkill. A busy website isn't a high quality, effective website. It is important to use these eye catchers minimally to get the desired effect without going overboard.

More importantly, graphics can be used to create an identity for businesses on the Internet. Whether the website is representative of a freelance writer working independently or for a national investment firm, there are ways to incorporate graphics to showcase the product or service. Graphics are a way of branding a company. The right use of graphics gives customers something to remember you by and identify you with.

Ultimately your website is the face of your business. The web page that search engine traffic lands on is the first impression you offer potential customers. Presentation and image are crucial. Poor web page design, error pages and obvious glitches immediately turn customers away. It is worth the time, effort and money spent to create an effective website design that is guaranteed to attract and impress potential customers.

Tips for Creative and Effective Website Design

* Start by creating a clean layout and using it as a base for all of the pages on your website. Then add interactivity to the website.
* Make sure the pages have the least amount of load time. Ensure that the website can be viewed properly with different screen resolutions.
* Set up the web page so that it can be accessed from different web browsers.
* Use the right amount of keywords to optimize the website for better search engine results.
* Include pop-up windows and menus as necessary.
* Professionally edit images for eye catching photo displays.
* Create easy to use menu tabs. Make sure that the site is easy to navigate.
* Develop an attention-grabbing logo for use throughout the website and on other business communications.
* Carefully place text, lines, frames, graphics and images for the best presentation.
* Use 3-D graphics for emphasis. Incorporate motion graphics for a modern edge.
* Apply unique concepts to allow the business to stand out from the competition.
* Creatively use music and sounds to emphasis your website design.
* Use animation to get your point across. Use graphics to positively brand a business and make them memorable.

Characteristics of a Good Web Page Designer

Website design requires solid computer skills and knowledge of application software. It also requires the ability to effectively communicate through the use of visual representation and a strong appreciation for art, beauty and style. Beyond graphic and imaging skills that can be taught, a good graphic designer must have an eye for color and detail. Website designers need a strong sense of proportion and balance as well. Designers have a well-rounded education as well as an artistic and a business sense. Merging business concept with artistic design is the right combination for impressive web page design.

Quality website design is essential for establishing a professional, creative reputation on the Internet. Business owners who lack the necessary skills to design an effective web page can hire an individual or a website design company to create one for them. Website design packages are often available for complete service, including high page ranking with search engines and top notch customer service.

The bottom line is that website design is intended to build businesses and attract new customers. Painfully slow load times or marginal errors can easily have the opposite effect, costing your business and turning customers away. Invest in quality website design and watch your business grow with your reputation.
About the Author
Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides web design services for a wide variety of clients.
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