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Why Valet Parking Attendant Is The Perfect Part Time Job

Jul 21, 2008
Let's face it; these are tough economic times. You could probably use some part time income, but you're already working one job. Or maybe you don't need a lot of money, and you just want a job that pays well, but is part time. Well, you should consider applying for a job parking cars for a valet service. If you're available nights or weekends or both, valet parking attendant could be right up your alley.

Why? For one thing, the money is pretty good. You won't get rich, but you should make a very healthy hourly income most of the time. Valet parking is one of those jobs where it's pretty much expected for the person to tip you. You should get a tip for just about every car you park or retrieve. In bad weather, you'll make even more. In addition, you'll be getting an hourly wage.

Another nice thing about valet parking is that it's a pretty pleasant job. You won't be doing any heavy lifting, or getting dirty. You'll be outside, meeting and talking to people who are glad to see you. And don't forget, you'll be putting cash in your pocket the same day you work.

Another big reason is flexibility. With a lot of valet services, you can choose what days you want to work. Got a date? Don't work that night. Your son has a big Little League game coming up? Take the weekend off. This is one of the best parts of the job.

What makes a good employee? The main thing employers are looking for, besides dependability, is someone with a clean background. As in no criminal history, and a good driving record. They want drivers who they can trust not to have a collision while parking, and not to steal the car, or valuables from it. If you've kept your nose clean, you've got a head start against many other applicants.

You should have a professional appearance, too. Sorry, but if you're covered with tattoos, you're probably not going to get hired. You can talk to your prospective employer, and they may let you wear long sleeve shirts. But, frankly, they're probably not going to hire someone with lots of tattoos. That image doesn't exactly scream "safe driver." The same goes double for body piercings.

Also, many companies won't hire smokers or tobacco users. I know - you would never smoke in a person's car, but there's more to it than that. A lot of people are very sensitive to smoke, and they'll be able to tell, even if you haven't had a cigarette for a few hours before you park their car. Plus, good intentions are great, but many smokers are just too tempted to sneak behind the building and have a few quick puffs. And that can really stink up a car. And I don't even think I have to tell you about your chances of getting a job if you're a drug user!

So, if you don't smoke or get high, have a clean driving and legal background, and you look halfway decent, you should probably have no trouble landing a valet parking job. So forget the local burger or pizza joint. Become a valet parking attendant!
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