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PTC Sites : An Easy Way Of Earning Money Online Just By Viewing Ads

Jul 21, 2008
I have seen that many people here do not know what PTCs are at all? So I have decided to write my own review of the sites in general to help you guys figure out what they are, how you can benefit from them, why you should or should not use them, and also which PTC sites to select and which to avoid.

First of all, what are PTCs? Well it's simple. PTCs are actually called Paid To Clicks sites.

As the name clearly suggests, these type of websites pay their members just for clicking on ads. The membership is free and everyone can join. Members earn different amount of money on different Paid To Click sites but generally you get paid around one cent per ad you click. You can also earn from people who you directly refer to, also known as referrals. Some sites provide you with 100% referral earnings while other give you either 50% or 60%. This is the key to earning money with PTCs - getting referrals.

Some people find it really difficult to get referrals and thus there is an option to buy referrals directly from the PTCs. They sell referrals in packages of different sizes and the prices vary enormously from site to site. One problem with buying referrals is that it is not for sure, that you will get ACTIVE referrals. It is said that some site owners create fake accounts and then sell them to their members! Another thing to remember with Paid to Click sites is that you do not get unlimited amount of ads to click.

There will only be limited number of ads - anywhere from 10 to 20! The ads will be renewed every day for you to click again.

Secondly, Paid To Clicks sites are easy way to earn some cash over a long period of time for doing almost nothing for only few minutes. They were my first sites from which I started earning money online. Joining one site will never be useful and will hardly get you anywhere. As you may have noticed from above, 10-20 cents per day are nothing at all and thus you need more sites like these to increase your earning at least by six times. The more sites you join the more ads you will have in total and thus more your income will be.

When I started using Paid To Click sites, I used them instead of wasting time on the internet. You know that we spent a lot of valuable time surfing the internet for no reason...but why not earn some money in that time. All it requires for you to earn some extra money is to click on ads.

There are two types of membership in PTCs - standard and premium. Standard membership is free and this is what you get when you first sign-up. If you like the site and want to earn more then you can upgrade to premium membership. You will have to pay few dollars to do this. Once upgraded, you will get more ads to click and will earn more from your referrals. You will also receive your payments sooner,

Thirdly, let's talk about payments. How will you receive them and most importantly when will you receive them? Earlier, payments were made through PayPal but now all the PTCs have moved to AlertPay as their new payment processor. This happened because PayPal stopped working with Paid to Click sites. AlertPay works similar to PayPal with hardly any fees and free membership. All of the Paid to Click sites state in their Terms of Services (TOS) when and how they will pay their members.

Most sites pay standard members within 60 business days and premium members within 30 business days. You can request to receive your money after you have accumulated a certain amount of money in your account - it's $10 for most sites.

Finally, be careful with Paid To Clicks sites because a lot of them turn out to be scams. They operate for few weeks and then runaway with your money that you had invested. There are some useful tricks to identify scam sites. Join PTC forums and talk to members about these sites and ask for payment proofs before joining.
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