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Do You Have A Get Rich Quick Mentality Towards Home Business Ideas And Opportunities?

Jul 21, 2008
Just how many home business ideas and opportunities are out there? There are hundreds, if not thousands. Most are genuine opportunities, however, even with that many fail. Often the glossy brochures with the income potentials can make us have that get rich quick mentality.

The purpose of those potential figures on brochures has been misinterpreted. Those figures are generally for showing that really there are no limits. It is meant to state that how ever much drive and ambition you have, you can realize it.

Many people don't understand it is like that, and instead focus on believing that those figures are what they will achieve in the home business opportunity. There are many home business ideas and opportunities, and it is not necessarily true that we will achieve those figures.

You see, we get what we put in. In fact most of the time you will never truly receive the value you put in. So if you see those home business opportunities telling you that you can make $100,000 this year or even a cool $1,000,000, and you put lets say a million dollars worth of effort, you will likely make $100,000.

Why is that? The key is value. When you buy a TV for example, that cost a couple of thousand of dollars. You are only paying that money because your perception is that there is more value in the TV. To illustrate this further, if someone offered you the same TV but with a smashed screen, you would very unlikely want to pay that $2,000!

Right here, we have come to a point of understanding. We now realize that to earn those nice looking figures that are often used to entice us in joining a home business opportunity or even an MLM opportunity, we know we need to give extra value.

The problem is that most people start a home business opportunity and believe that it will make them rich, without giving more effort than they would in a $20,000 a year day job. This is unfortunate, as most fail because they believe just that.

Take 100 of those committed people who join a MLM opportunity or a home business opportunity, and you will find that only 1-5 people will achieve those figures. The truth is that even though they were optimistic about the results, and though they may have had doubts and fears, they put in less effort than the 9-5 job that pays $20,000.

It is a strange coincidence that we hold such a belief, but it is true. Most people don't just treat a home business professionally. Our eyes may fool us into believing we can achieve it for less effort. And here we add less value and thus we get less out of it.

Have you ever considered how much your value is in a day job? When you earn $20,000 or even $30k, $40k, $50k or more, just how much value you are putting in? When people rise in a job it is because they are giving more value. An MLM opportunity or any other home business idea can only work because it is designed for people who want to put in the effort, and get the results which no day job can provide.
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