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Continue Generating Business By Giving Away Your eBooks

Jul 21, 2008
An eBook can be used for much more than just a standalone product that you are selling. Over the course of this article I'm going to show you ways to give away your eBooks that will end up making you more money in the long run then if you just sold it.

How is it possible to give away your eBook and still make money?


You can use it as a viral marketing tool. It provides you an opportunity to give something to other people to increase the number of visitors coming to your website.

You are creating a viral marketing mechanism by driving business to your site by giving away your eBook for free. This is an awesome viral marketing tool.

A second example of how giving it away can lead to more business is using your eBook on your website as an incentive to get your visitor's email address and name. This will allow you to gain leads and build your particular email list or database.

People don't want to just give their name and email away anymore. We're so inundated with email. We get so much information in to our email box that we've become very protective and cautious of where we give our name and particularly, where we give our email address.

In order to get that information out of people you have to win them over by giving them something they want or need. An eBook can work as an incentive for them to give you their email address, name, or whatever piece of information you are looking for because they are getting something out of it.

To go along with that strategy, here is another tip. When people are collecting email addresses and names, often they will have a section on their main website where people can submit that information. Once they have submitted the information many people give the download for their free eBook on the next page.

The problem with that is somebody can give you a bogus name and a bogus E-mail address that doesn't lead anywhere, and they get the reward for doing that.

I don't like to do that. I'm a straight up, honest business man, very transparent. I want you to respect me the same way that I respect you.

So how I do that is I have a thank you page where it says, "Thank you. The information for where you can download the free eBook has been sent directly to the email address you provided."

Now the people who gave a real email and name will get rewarded for their honesty. An auto responder will send them an email immediately which will have a link where they can go and download the eBook.

So I want you to think about that because although you might be building a database with lots and lots of names, it's useless if half of those names are just people putting in some bogus name and some bogus email address. It does you no good to build a database full of crap. So you want to make sure - and you want to protect your database as a business owner. That's one way you can do it to kind of weed out those types of people.

Back to using an eBook. Another suggestion as to how to use an eBook is as a reward for people who fill out a survey for you. Research is very important and many people use the survey method to gain information. Again, unless there is some sort of reward at the end many people will be reluctant to do it.

The best way to create new products or services is to ask your market their opinion. A man who has taught me so much to do with marketing, is one of my mentors, Alex Mandossian. He is known for the Ask Methodology - asking your market what they want to learn, need or are looking for.

Here is an example of how Alex uses this. He is able to bring in some of the biggest names in business and put together high-level teleseminars. Some of the people he has done them with are Brian Tracy, Harv Ecker, Mark Victor Hansen and Bob Allen. These teleseminars are with the who's who in business. You name it, he has probably done one with them.

In fact, I know that he's actually setting up teleseminars with people like Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton, and Steve Jobs of Apple.

For every teleseminar, he goes through the same steps to ensure the people paying for the call are satisfied. Alex gets them to submit their burning questions for the expert so he has a pile of material when he goes to do the call that evening.

He doesn't have to create any of the criteria. He finds out exactly what they're wanting to know, and then he asks those questions.

Well my friends, just use the same strategy. By conducting surveys, it provides you all kinds of great market research. And giving people a reward at the end of the survey is a way to pull them through so that they fill out the survey.

I'm sure you've even been there. You've been asked to complete a survey, but don't get anything for doing it. Today, most people won't give up time unless they see value in what they are doing. Your eBook will be that value at the end of the survey.

The best part is, you now know exactly what your audience wants and you can use this to create a product to generate even more business.

You can now see there are many different way to give away something creatively to generate more business in the future. Put your thinking caps on and ask yourself what might be other ways this is possible.

By exploring your creativity ideas will come to you when you need them the most!
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