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Advantages of Digital Media Products

Jul 21, 2008
Everyone is an expert at something. Businesses succeed when they know the one thing that they do better than anyone else. Naturally, there are many factors that effect whether or not a business will succeed. But if you feel that you have an expertise that you would love to share with others and could make money doing so, this article will outline some of the advantages of taking your expertise and converting it to Digital Media Products like CDs or DVDs.

"Google It" has become the new phrase for getting questions answered. When most people want a question answered, they no longer go to the library or encyclopedias. They head to the nearest computer and use the World Wide Web to answer their question. Google is becoming the new well-spring of information. It has also become a great way to teach others, if you find yourself to be an expert in a subject that people are also interested. Many people are able to sell e-books with that exact same purpose: to inform others. However, now that eBay has banned digital products, those people are now struggling with their businesses and their attempts to inform others are being thwarted.

You can however bypass this ban by selling Digital Media Products like CDs or DVDs instead of e-books. Many people have turned to using CD or DVDs instead of e-books because it caters to people who are still more comfortable using a CD or DVD player to learn than using their computer. Someone might be more willing to listen to an audio book on their long commute to work than to sit at their computer reading an e-book. Thus by giving your customers a choice of how they would like to absorb your expertise, you are giving yourself a better chance of become successful on the Internet.

Another benefit to selling Digital Media products is that you are dealing with physical materials that will help prevent fraudulent behavior on the customer's part. In the case of selling e-books, a customer can simply deny that you never sent them a downloadable link. However, if shipping hard materials like CDs or DVDs, you can have shipping confirmation as evidence. Therefore, you will be able to protect yourself from a sneaky customer.

This is only a brief outline of the advantages of selling digital media products. This is your chance to make money on the Internet by sharing your expertise. The trick is taking your expertise and transforming it into a form that customers are interested in like CDs and DVDs. Learning that is a step towards making real progress as a business.
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