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Outsourcing the Hassle of Digital Media Products

Jul 21, 2008
Though the concept of outsourcing has garnered a negative connotation because it is associated with the shifting of American jobs overseas, outsourcing is a highly effective business management practice that can reduce the stress and over-exertion that comes with being an entrepreneur of digital media products and services. Overseeing and operating an internet business, especially a startup, can be very stressful especially if you have a family or a life outside of work.

In many cases the business model for the internet business may be easily setup and just as easily run automatically by a third party, thereby allowing the entrepreneur of digital media products more time to focus on the productive capacity of the business: product innovation and increasing the overall quality of service, in essence focusing on "value-added work" that will increase the value of the service or product rather than "non-value added work" such as packaging, shipping and customer service. Outsourcing such tasks as packaging, shipping and customer services as well as other tasks which are routine and maintain the current output of the internet business frees up the time of the internet entrepreneur for product innovation, technology improvement or spending time with his or her family. The routine services that are outsourced, which are important to maintaining quality but which nevertheless do not translate to an improved product may be regularly reviewed by the owner of the internet business.

After all it is easier to review the work of a subcontractor than do the work oneself. While outsourcing is a contentious topic among American citizens, especially overseas outsourcing and especially with the current dismal US economic climate, outsourcing is a practice employed by both Fortune 500 companies and the savvy internet entrepreneur alike. The success of outsourcing and the enormous amount of savings this business practice generates makes outsourcing a critical business strategy. With improved internet technology and globalization, the world of business is becoming increasingly mobile, increasingly dynamic and increasingly competitive and in light of the stagnating US economy companies both large and small are seeking to increase product quality while saving time and cutting costs.

Outsourcing reduces overhead costs for "non-value added work," it enables the internet entrepreneur of digital media products and services more time to improve the quality of the service and continue making innovations in the product line to remain competitive. Outsourcing saves time and money, the two most important resources in the business world; it frees up the entrepreneur or the head of a Fortune 500 company from the headache of maintaining the more routine aspects of owning a business, allows one to enjoy the fruits of his labor, the growth of the business, time with the family or a little time for oneself.
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