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Are You A Work At Home Moms And Dads

Jul 21, 2008
First of all, I have done all 5 of these things, and only one has made me rich. Im going to let you try them all yourself to see if you can become rich with any.

Now there are people who get rich with all sorts of different ideas and business'. So dont be left out by not getting started.

First, there is Squidoo.com, now this is a $0 investment, so it will be quite easy for you to quit and give up, and with an honest income potential of about $20-$500 month, why would you waste your time infront of your computer all day. I type for about 20 minutes a day. I couldnt imagine doing it for hours, and having to find something new to type about or sell.
Squidoo is a great concept and very good for blogging your way to the top of the search engines and heping sell stuff on ebay.

Second, getting started with google adsense, well, this is a little bit time consuming, but if you figure it out and build hundreds of sites that would cost you more money and time to promote than its worth, let alone the fact that your only getting a few cents per click, not per visitor. But it could pay you a couple hundred dollars a month. Which is enough to buy golf balls or gas money.

Third would have to be selling ebooks and other downloadable products through clickbank, and ooohh yes. You can make a fortune on ckickbank, now with this you have therichjerk.com and getgoogleadsfree.com and various others who make millions per month or year with clickbank. They even help you set up the websites and get you started, but again, you have to have hundreds of these sites to make a good consistant, get rich income. So if your looking to get rich, try it out, but dont expect to make millions like the top dogs. you'll never know if you dont try though.

Fourth is simply doing the MLM or affiliate marketing thing. This works, but whats your time worth? There are people in mlm working 12 hour days infront of their pc making $12 a day. Thats a wwhopping $1 hour. What a joke! And the affiliate marketing could be a good thing if you know how to market. With companies like GRN, EDC, Cruise to Cash, Big Ticket to Wealth etc.. their are probably 100,000 of them or more. But this is a billion dollar a year industry. What this means is that someone is making money, and lots of it, or this stat couldnt exist, right ?

Fifth and finally, you can make money with a cybermall or on EBAY. Ebay is awesome if you have tonnes of stuff to sell. But for a few dollars you can get an ebook from a clickbank affiliate in which you will find how to run an ebay store. In other words, you can sell other peoples stuff on ebay, you take your cut, then go to the bank. For example, sell a ipod on ebay, you get paid, then you buy it from a source who in turns ships the item to the buyer. You can set this up on auto... what a concept, but its not as easy as it sounds, but worth a try if your looking for something to do. Just remember, the guy your buying the ebook to learn this technique from, is making money through clickbank. J/K you can buy it on ebay! :)

My personal favorite is the affiliate marketing, simply because it has the greatest chance for you to get rich, but in the same token, if your not willing to learn how to market online, dont bother, because you will fail with all of these 5. Even blogging for money on squidoo requires some niche market sense and marketing know how. Learn to market, via EDC and then you will be free to market and sell whatever you want.
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See how Rick Lim can help you. Just like thousands of others Rick struggled online, until he learned to market, now, I can make money with anything online. And I want to help you too. Just giving back!
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