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The Mystery Now Exposed On How You Can Succeed In Direct Sales

Jul 21, 2008
The term direct sales can be a scary one for someone that is not comfortable with the idea of selling for a living. In fact, just the idea of selling could make some of us feel sick to our stomachs. By adding the word direct in from to the work selling makes me think that I must be in your face to make the sale.

I have got great news for those of you that want the kind of income that a career in sales could bring you, but fear the term direct sales. It is called the Internet and it can be used to help you market your business and sell your product or service to others around the globe.

Now here is the incredible part of this, your direct sales income can be generated for you by setting your company website up and using various tools to automate everything for you so that the website and the Internet are working for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You see, a large number of people would love to earn an extra $1,000 - $3000 every month but miss the opportunity to do so. When they hear the words direct sales they immediately turn their brains off from the idea and never get a change to see just how much many companies in this industry have eased the pain of selling for us.

Today you can get involved with quality companies that offer superior products and services to the public without a middle man being involved. That means very high commission for you and me. Now, here is the interesting part. You could have a website just that the company website that looks very professional, up and ready to work for yourself in 5 minutes to 24 hours for most companies.

Next, the great direct sales companies will teach you about marketing that website to start driving potential customers to it for you. But most of us non-sales types need a little success right away to help us thrive. In order to do that you can start sending emails to some people that you know and ask them to look at how quickly and easily you started your new business. In those emails you would include a link to your site and ask them to take a serious look at your new website.

That is simply sharing something that you are excited about. No selling and not even being too intensely direct. You are just sharing how you are going to use the Internet to earn some extra money. Now if you are like many people that enter the direct sales industry with a six figure goal in mind, you probably have less fear of selling and this would be even easier for you to talk about with everyone you meet.

What may happen is those people you are sharing this with could become your first customers. The Mystery of Selling is that you do not have to sell, just share. Ask for feedback on your website and the world of technology will do the hard work for you. The sharing phenomenon has helped many unlikely sales people become great direct sales leaders in no time.
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