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The Five Categories Of Network Marketing - Part 1

Jul 21, 2008
To understand the network marketing industry, you first have to understand the five different types of companies that are in the industry. These are not the type of products or opportunities; these are the "categories" of companies that are under the umbrella of network marketing.

When you understand the five different categories you will understand the type of company you should be searching for to create that extra income you need to make ends meet. It can also help you find the type of company that could make you substantially rich and retire early.

Lets start with Category 1 - "old guys".

These are the companies that have been around for decades and decades and have proven the test of time. Through good management (and some trial and error), proper funding, proper product research, industry innovation, timing and a few other essential items that had to be in place and developed for a company to reach the top ranks.

These are the companies that hit momentum at the right time in the company's growth and stayed there for enough time. Because of this, they reached the billion-dollar mark.

There are very few companies that have hit the billion-dollar mark. An important reason a company can hit that mark is because of field leadership. Field Leadership are the people that became the reason for the growth of the company, and with it...legacy incomes. Legacy income is the type of income that will pay you more in a month that many people make in a year; the type of income that you will have to will your cheques to your children.

Although these are solid companies, the problem with getting involved with a company like that now is that the real chance of creating wealth are long gone. There is a chance to make an income, however most people choose network marketing to earn themselves out of a job, not create a second job (or third!).

The reason for this is because the company has reached a level that will not allow it to reach exponential growth again. When a company reaches exponential growth, true wealth and legacy positions can be made. No network marketing company has ever reached exponential growth more than once.

Next we will talk about Category 2 - "The Plans"

This is part 1 of a 5 part series.

Part 1 - Category 1 - "Old guys"
Part 2 - Category 2 - "The Plans"
Part 3 - Category 3 - "The Schemes"
Part 4 - Category 4 - "Slow Growth"
Part 5 - Category 5 - "The Holy Grail"

To complete the series, do a search on:

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As this series continues, you will start to understand what type of company can create real wealth and not just another "job".

To your success!
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