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Why I Chose MLM!

Jul 21, 2008
About 2 and a half years ago I realized I had a JOB. As in: J-O-B. It's a pretty good job and it pays me well and I enjoy what I do. But it really sunk in with me that this J-O-B would allow me to retire at age 65. I will be able to retire at about 40% of what I'm making.

When it really sunk in, I came to the conclusion that I did not want to be on the freedom 65 plan; I wanted to be on the freedom 45 plan. So I started to look at my options and what sort of investment or business opportunity I could get into. The first part of my research was to find something that did not affect my family in any great manner. I did not want to start a business and be owned by the business, which would cause my family would suffer.

Based on this criteria, I went on a journey. There were many options out there.

I looked at investments. I had retirement funds and investments, but that was my plan for the freedom 65 plan and I wasn't prepared to dismantle that. I didn't have a lot of capital to make a big investment to turn around a big short-term profit. I didn't want to try any high-risk option.

I looked at franchising. Although there was a system to work with, there would be a huge capital investment, between $100k and $500k, possibly more. Also, there would be a large time commitment to start. This did not fit into what I wanted with respects to my family time.

I looked at starting my own business from scratch. I had skills, which I could capitalize on; there would be an investment in start up, which I could handle, but the time commitments would be way over what I was willing to give out.

The more I looked, the field narrowed. The one option, which became apparent, was the network marketing industry.

I could start part time, between 10 and 15 hours a week. I didn't have a huge capital investment at all. It would allow me a system that I could plug into. I was really purchasing a mini franchise.

After deciding that I would choose the network marketing industry, I had to choose a company.

There were hundreds of business out there, but which was the right one?

The company had to have the management in place. Without proper management, the company could have all the money on the globe, but chances were it would fail.

The company had to have the proper funding. The funding must be there to take care of bumps in the road. Bumps in the road of business ALWAYS happen.

The company had to have a product which made sense. It had to be consumable; I had to be able to believe in the product.

The company had to have a compensation plan which made sense and reward distributors for the proper behavior. It had to stand out from the crowd.

Did I find the right company? Yes I did. You can too!

Here's to your success!
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