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How To Start Your Online Home Business

Jul 21, 2008
So you have made the decision to start a home based business and are trying to figure out where to begin.

The first thing to do is nothing. That's right, before you do anything don't include or exclude anything. Get online and google your idea for a home based business and see where it leads. Don't commit to anything, or sign up for anything just take the time to see what pops up.

What you will find are a lot of sites that promise the benefits of data entry or affiliate marketing with lengthy scrolling copy. Spend some time getting used to the different proposals and sales pitches. Pace yourself and take your time. This upfront activity is free and will give you some time to let things sink in. It is easy to overload on all this information so don't try to do it all in one sitting.

After you get the feel for how these sites present, look for a forum that covers the area you are interested in, and see what people are saying about certain products or companies. Learn about what they see as legitimate sites with working programs and those that will sell a 40 page transcript with little value in helping you get set up.

What you will find over a couple of days of this kind of research is that potential programs and products will begin to stand out. That's when you can select a particular site or program and look it over closely. Check out the offer. Does it have a money back guarantee? Does it offer a low cost trial period so you can see how it works? Do the testimonials fit what you are looking for? Is there a contact email or phone number so you can communicate with someone to ask questions?

Once you have done your research, and this can take a week or two, you are ready to make the leap and purchase. In my case I actually purchased four different programs and read through each one before implementing the one I thought worked best for me. Purchase programs that are well written, broken down into elements and are easy to follow over time. Remember, there are no quick systems. You need to give yourself the time to develop and grow your business.

If you follow these steps, you will minimize the risk of selecting something that cannot deliver on false promises. This should save you time and money. The key point is to pace yourself in the early stage until you feel you are familiar with the landscape. The idea is to avoid giving into the impulse buying mode. Your decision should be emotion free, based on what you have learned.

There you have it. Good luck and may your travels be prosperous.
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Over the past 20 years Claude Pelanne has worked in a series of startup ventures including some of the first commercial webcasts. He is an internet marketer and serial entrepreneur. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include the resource box. For tips and resources to get into internet marketing visit cpelanne and claudepelanne
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