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The Relationship between Your Business Sign and Your Brand

Sita Cole
Feb 12, 2014
The most effective business signs support brand recognition. While many new businesses might be satisfied using a non-descript sign to promote their business, this likely isn't going to underscore the business's logo or brand as well as it could. Employing signage that supports the company logo and brand is an investment that pays for itself in time. Unique signage is a valuable marketing feature that businesses of any size can benefit from--and should!

Some Elements of a Great Sign

Strong sign designs often reflect the business brand. They may weave the company logo into the design or the sign may be the actual logo. Think of the best signs in your city or some of the most recognizable signs in advertising history like the celebrate Holiday Inn signs or McDonald's golden arch signs. The sign supports the brand and its logo and ties, in its concrete way, ties the advertising together with imagery that reinforces who that business is and what it does.

Simplistically speaking, a white sign with red letters (the generic strip mall type of sign) isn't going to be as visually appealing or effective as a hotdog shaped sign for a business that specializes in hotdogs. The better quality sign also sends a message that this business is somehow better than a business with a generic sign. This may not be true, of course, but such is the bias and power of a well-designed sign.

Consistent Brand Reinforcement

Since signs are a permanent fixture for a business, they continually provide a tangible reminder of the business logo and brand. Each time some passes the sign, they are subtlety reminded of the business. A non-descript sign with no logo and no brand recognizable features does little to promote brand recognition outside of, perhaps, the company's name. On the other hand, then the logo is included, traffic is treated to the brand reinforcement that marketers dream of. In fact, many well-done signs become local fixtures or landmarks for their neighborhoods and cities. This type of effective sign is a consistent marketing tool that continuously advertises the business brand.

How Will You Define the Relationship between Your Sign and Brand?

Some sign designs come easy. For tire sellers, the tire shape is somehow a given. However, many businesses wish to avoid the kitschy or overtly obvious designs that work great for other businesses. For instance, an accountant or some other professional service provider may want something abstract that can become that recognizable image that denotes their brand and their business. A professional sign company and marketing experts can help businesses create that platform. It may take time to set upon the right image, but it's worth the effort as the logo, sign, stationary, etc....can all sync together to promote the business in a streamlined fashion.

A great sign can easily be achieved with forethought and by contacting an expert sign production company. Businesses that use signs effectively know the marketing value of these features. Take time to develop a strong design and you'll see that the investment in time and money is warranted and well worth your while.
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