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Affiliate Marketing Programs-Make Yours Unique

Jul 22, 2008
Affiliate marketing programs are attracting many people to internet business. Many people are on a quest to build a business that will provide a secure income for the future. Affiliate marketing programs have many advantages over other business models. Despite the benefits, the competition is tough and to succeed, the newbie must stand out from the thousands of other people selling the same products.

Firstly, the newbie to affiliate marketing may be tempted to choose one of the programs offering the easiest options. Many merchants offer you complete marketing websites with your affiliate number at the end of their domain name. Unfortunately many internet savvy users nowadays will see the domain name in the address bar and delete the number before purchasing. You will then miss out on the credit for the sale.

The second problem created by using this easy method is that you are restricting yourself to the products of only one merchant. If the merchant shuts down their business, then you have to start all over again evaluating other affiliate programs. Marketing many different websites from many different affiliate programs is counter productive. It fragments your advertising activities because there is usually a limit to how many links you can include on any promotional effort.

The solution is to build your own website, or pay for it to be built and register your own unique domain name. You then have a website with unique content which the search engines regard favourably. You can decide how many different affiliate marketing programs you want to promote on your site. If there is a reason for no longer marketing any of the merchants, then you can replace them on your site with links to other affiliate programs.

When marketing your affiliate programs your efforts are concentrated on one website and this is one step to being noticed and ranked well by the search engines. You have control on optimizing your site for the search engines. You can inject your own personality into your site. Your visitors will see you as a real person and authority on the products sold through the affiliate marketing programs.

The affiliate marketing strategies outlined here take more time to set up than choosing programs offering a duplicated merchants website. You still have the advantage of not having to stock products, organise despatch or customer service issues. Once the website is completed with links to the affiliate programs added, you can spend more time on marketing to generate sales. This is building your business for long term growth.
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