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Using Automated Scripts to Improve Web Site Productivity

Aug 17, 2007
There are two types of web sites on the Internet. The die hard SEO managers still favor static pages, because they are easier to crawl and more visible to search engines, and it is fairly easy to add a few hundred pages to a website by copying and pasting or creating a template. The new trend is to use content management systems like Mambo or PHPNuke, but these dynamic systems can cause optimization problems. Even the simplest CMS, content management system, requires extensive knowledge of programming in PERL or PHP.

A potential solution is the use of CGI and Javascripts that can be copied and pasted into most templates, are hosted on both Unix and Linux, and require no programming knowledge. They can improve the productivity of a CMS or a static website.

These scripts can link part of a static web page to a SQL database improving the productivity of the site without loosing the benefits of a static page. This can be as simple as including a password protect section to the website to installing a shopping cart on static web pages.

Security scripts protect personal information keeping it away from the eyes of the competitors. The biggest benefit is found in web analytics.

Web analytics uses scripts on web sites to collect data. Google has an excellent web analytics program for their Google Account subscribers. This is different from an AdWord or AdSense account. Their system promises to tell you everything except the names of the people who visited the web site. This provides invaluable marketing information in a format that anyone can understand.

Googles new AP key is in its infancy, but programmers and developers around the globe are rushing to create methods of using the AP key to provide services and information to web masters.

Most scripts run at the server level and require some programming skill. There are a number of great resources for ready made scripts that will reduce a web sites work load and increase productivity. Most provide scripts, tutorials, forums, resource guides, and even job banks to find a programmer to offer some assistance. Scripts are made to increase productivity and decrease time load. The most important thing for a webmaster to remember is that not all scripts are created equal. Avoid free scripts and stick with a script provider that offers customer service.

Look for way that you can automate managing your web site. The more automation with an organic feel the easier it will be for you to optimize your profits.
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