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Use Your Blog To Increase Sales

Jul 22, 2008
For some of us blogging is just about passing time and writing something on a webpage that is of interest to us. Most of us use blogs as a tool for self expression, to make new friends or discuss any issue. But is this all that blogging is about? Well there's much more that a blog can do for you. It can help to increase your sales and improve your relationship with your clients tremendously, which ultimately again leads to massive increase in sales and profits.

So how does it help in improving your brand value, sales, product quality and client-company relationship? Well we'll share it with you here. Blogs are great marketing tools and when used effectively can attract a lot of potential customers.

Imagine you are running a small fashion house and you have developed some new designs that you are not sure whether people are going to like them or not. What do you do? You'll go and show them to some of your closest friends but not many people for the fear of word spreading out that you have produced such and such designs. But there is another way.

You can put snaps of some of those designs on a blog and then invite people from different walks of life to check them out and give feedbacks on the designs. Such people can be easily found at the various fashion and clothing related online forums. You don't even have to reveal your name or company's name till you feel comfortable. This is one of the best ways to get the most genuine feedbacks about your products.

Blogs also offer a great way to improve your product quality. A certain Swiss lock-maker found that their sales were on a constant decline despite increasing demand and was desperate to know what was wrong with his latest designs. The lock-maker started one where he informed people about the high quality of metal used and the latest technology that he was using in manufacturing the locks.

People accepted everything but everyone on the blog left a feedback which shocked the lock-maker and brought to light real cause of plummeting sales, the key to the lock. The key being supplied with the new locks way too small for comfort and often got bent after a few months of regular use. The company immediately changed the key specs and all the faulty locks and ensured that its reputation was kept intact.

Blogs are a great way to also improve relationship with your clients and also to make sure that they remain loyal to your brand. They are also a great way to tell people what all they can do with your product. Several small software firms do that because often people don't realize what all functionalities that they offer with their products. A lot of mobile phone companies blog to inform people about what all their mobile phones can do and what all features people are looking forward to.

Most of the products that are designed in today's world are designed based on client requirement or based on what a group of people in the society need. So it is imperative to know what they want if you want your company to make handsome profits.

Blogs can also be used for advertising too and therefore you can earn money or promote some other business of yours or a relative's or a friend's through your own blog. Blogging has truly come a long way since its inception and has become more than just a bare necessity for individuals and business.
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