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5 Tips On Using Video For Internet Marketing Success

Jul 22, 2008
Video is a great way to add "hard to communicate" information to your site. It can be used to show products, show ease of operation, show quality, and teach people how to do things.

That's all good, but the best thing video can do for you is make you a "real" person! Because the Internet and written text can be so impersonal, people need to be assured that they can trust you. It's only when they trust you... is when they will buy from you.

Video gives you an opportunity to let people see and hear you. Therefore, letting them get to know you, and eventually trust you.

Only a few short years ago, video was not even seen on the Internet? But today, video is becoming a standard all over the web! When visitors land on your website or blog, they don't just think it's cool if you have a video displayed, they actually expect it!

If you haven't been using online video in your Internet Marketing efforts, now is the time!

Here are 5 tips for using video as an Internet Marketing tool...

1. Use your videos as online demos. Be creative and come up with ideas on how to convey the attractiveness of your product. Show your prospective customers all the benefits your product offers.

2. Be prepared before you create a video by making a list of the points you want to make. Make sure everything you want to cover is covered.

3. If your video becomes lengthy, break it up into parts. People don't have much of an attention span, especially when it comes to the Internet.

4. Since video cannot be optimized like text, your video content will have little impact on the search engines. Therefore, your video should be used as a communication tool. Even still, be sure to use the alt text codes in the HTML to direct the web spiders.

5. Surround your video with text that is keyword rich. A webpage with well-keyworded text and video has a much better chance at making the top ten search engine results page.


If you're going to keep up with the new Internet standard, you need video! Why? Because your potential customers are prepared for it. They've been exposed to video through sites like YouTube already!

If you want to build trust in the eyes of your potential customers, video is exactly what you need. When it comes to Internet Marketing, you need to show yourself as a real person, not just a bunch of words on a webpage.
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