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The Benefits of the Top PPC Services

Jul 22, 2008
There are a multitude of PPC services that you could choose from if you're starting a campaign. Yet, there are only a few real choices for a serious campaign. This is because of one reason - volume.

So what services are in the top tier of PPC (pay per click)? The industry leaders are Google and Yahoo, with Google AdWords claiming the lion's share of the PPC market. Both Yahoo and Google offer a similar compliment of features, and either can be used to manage a very successful PPC campaign. So what differentiates the two? Well, if you are looking to run a very large-scale pay per click campaign, then Google is the most logical choice. The number of potential customers in the Google enterprise is staggering when compared directly against the leading other search engine services.

That's not to say Yahoo's service is not a smart option for an online advertising campaign. Yahoo can be a great choice, especially for a campaign that is a little bit smaller in scope and is not as dependent upon mass quantity. Or, some campaigns utilize a combination of both services. This can be a good way to create a campaign that has even further reach into your target demographic.

Of course, while Google and Yahoo are two of the top PPC services in the industry, this doesn't mean that there aren't other services out there that deserve consideration. A few that are one step down from Yahoo and Google and Ask.com and MSN. Both of these services offer similar features, just on a smaller scale. It is actually possible to run a more efficient campaign using a smaller service because the keywords can be less saturated sometimes. This only works with a campaign that is small in scope, because these services simply can't generate the numbers that Google and Yahoo can.

When it comes right down to it, the majority of the PPC services out there offer a very similar host of features. In fact, the PPC method has become fairly standard across the board. Google and Yahoo, due to their financial prominence, have developed extremely fluid and powerful user back-ends. But any of these services can be used for your campaign. If you are looking to conduct a widespread campaign that targets the most people possible, you should probably use one of the top PPC services - Yahoo or Google. But, if you are simply looking to conduct a low-key, smaller campaign, one of the other services can be considered as an option, though Google and Yahoo are both equally good for smaller campaigns.
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